Bravo’s con-drama “Imposters” started with Maddie (Inbar Lavi) leaving her husband, Ezra (Rob Heaps), and taking all of his money. But unlike her previous marks who were jilted, angry, and broke, Ezra was also resourceful, and he found ways to team up with others from her past and track her down. By the end of the season, he was the one to leave her holding the proverbial bag as he took a multi-million dollar ring and boarded a bus with his cohorts.

When the second season starts, “It is a fair assumption she is on her own for a bit,” Lavi tells Variety. “We left off Season 1 with Maddie going off, desperately craving a new, normal life, and Season 2 picks up with her finding out what that really means to her.”

For a young woman who started conning as a teenager, though, a sense of normalcy may be harder to come by — and keep — than for others. Lavi admits she thinks “normal life” can mean different things to different people but points out that is something the show explores through Maddie. “Season 2 begins with ‘What does that mean to her?’ and ‘Is that even possible for someone like Maddie, living life like she has?'” she says.

“I think that when you are as deep into the con life as Maddie is, she barely even trusts herself. Everyone is a question mark, and that’s a really exhausting place to be. You’ll see a lot of that this season, but I think she’s sick of it, and she’s trying to make a change, but as we see in life, change is hard. Even if you genuinely want it and make the effort, sometimes it’s hard to get it. There’s going to be a lot of that this season,” she adds.

Maddie is also technically on the run after pulling off an elaborate con based around another one of her weddings. This time she is not merely running from a jilted ex but the FBI and fixer Lenny Cohen (Uma Thurman), who was ordered to clean up the mess the ruse created.

But even with these physical threats looming, Lavi says it is Maddie’s own personal demons that she most fears.

“She’s hurt a lot of people, and she’s done a lot of things that are coming back to haunt her. The physical threat is all a con. What’s devastating to her is she has to go to sleep every night with this person and face herself in the mirror every day. She has to take responsibility for her actions, and this season, it’s going to confront her,” Lavi says. “For me as an actor it was a challenge because I had to dig in and say, ‘What is my guilt? What did I do?’ It kept me up. I think a lot of us hide it, close it off, and Maddie’s done that for a long time, but it’s time for her to face the music.”