SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the two-hour “How to Get Away With Murder” Season 3 finale, which aired on Thursday, Feb. 23.

The Season 3 finale of “How to Get Away With Murder” ended on a cliffhanger that no one saw coming: Laurel’s (Karla Souza) father (Esai Morales) was the mastermind behind the plan to kill Wes (Alfred Enoch).

Now that the mystery of #WhoKilledWes is solved, more questions have come up — for starters, why in the world did Laurel’s father want to kill Wes? And will Laurel find out that her father is the reason the father of her baby was attacked, suffocated and burnt to a crisp?

“As an actress, I’m super excited that my dad has something to do with this because it means more meaty stuff for me, but for Laurel, I’m like, ‘Oh god.’ That’s going to be a hard nut to crack,” Souza tells Variety.

Here, Karla Souza talks to Variety all about the Season 3 finale of “How to Get Away With Murder,” plus teases what Laurel will be up to in Season 4.

Why would Laurel’s father have Wes killed?

You see Laurel at Christmas dinner talking to her father about the law clinic she’s working at, so you can tell that after finding out what Frank does, I’m sure my dad was quickly able to figure out her involvement with Sam and the killing. So I’m sure her dad had a very good reason that we’ll find out, but of course Laurel doesn’t know that.

How do you think Laurel will react if-and-when she finds out her father had Wes killed?

I don’t know how she’s going to react. When she thinks it’s Charles Mahoney, it’s easy to react, but once she knows it’s her father, I don’t even know how that’s going to send her off — it might put her in the psych ward [laughing]. But I think Laurel is very strong and she’s definitely going to want to bring justice to the situation, especially because she has Wes’ baby inside of her. I think that’s a very strong motivation for her.

Speaking of that baby, will Laurel decide to go through with an abortion?

I personally, Karla would love the baby to stay. I think it’s a really interesting thing to play with a girl who’s in law school who’s gone through all of this and is pregnant and has the financial means [to support a baby]. That storyline would be very juicy. But at the same time, the practicalities of having a baby on a network TV show… that’s impossible, so they’re going to have to deal with it in some way. I personally don’t think that she’ll opt for an abortion. I think it was just a moment of panic and excitement at the gynecologist [in the finale] when she hears the heartbeat. But I’m excited to see what [creator] Pete [Nowalk] and the writers decide. Maybe her father won’t allow it and he’ll have something to do with it. Who knows.

How long will it take Laurel to find out that her dad was behind Wes’ murder?

My god. That’s a Pete question. I do think it should be a whole season arc because I do think it’s such a strong motor behind all of our characters because it was such a big reveal. I think to reveal it in the first episode would be a shame, but [Pete] might very well do that. But I really hope that it’s not a quick thing and that we get more time to sink our teeth into it.

Won’t Laurel think that her family friend Dominic being in town is random? Will his presence help her figure out that her dad was behind Wes’ murder?

No… I don’t think in that moment she thinks that. At that moment, she couldn’t even fathom the fact that this guy would be involved with my dad. I think he’s more of her friend than her dad’s, so that’s going to be a huge surprise and a huge blow to Laurel.

Laurel was about to shoot Charles Mahoney in the finale because she was convinced he killed Wes. Are the Mahoneys really not involved?

I personally don’t think they are. I think the Mahoneys are a great storyline that we’ll definitely see coming back into Season 4, but I don’t think they’ll be involved in Wes’ death or the fire. I feel like they were humanized — that last scene with Annalise and Sylvia humanized both women. I’m also excited to see my father being humanized, which I think will be a very interesting way to reveal all of that storyline. I think we’ll see more of the Mahoneys, but I don’t think they’ll be involved in the fire.