SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched “How to Get Away With Murder” Season 3, episode 3, titled “It’s War,” which aired on Thursday, Feb. 16.

Yet another suspect was unveiled tonight on “How to Get Away With Murder” — none other than Connor (Jack Falahee).

Before that big flashback reveal, much more happened with the Keating Four, Bonnie (Liza Weil), Frank (Charlie Weber), Nate (Billy Brown), and Annalise (Viola Davis) in present day…

With Annalise recently out of jail, she secretly met up with Nate, who told her about his signature being forged on the paperwork that allowed for Wes’ body to be moved to a different morgue. Nate also admitted to Annalise that he feels responsible for Wes’ death, since he left the house moments after running into him before the house fire. “He died because I left him there,” Nate said, filled with guilt.

Meanwhile, Bonnie, Frank and Annalise have re-teamed, in an effort to take down A.D.A. Atwood (Milauna Jackson) — and they ended up being successful. Annalise demanded the state to launch a grand jury investigation into Atwood’s office, but when her request was denied, she enlisted Frank to do some dirty work and he ended up telling the judge in court that Atwood was sleeping with Nate, so the judge deemed their relationship inappropriate and required Atwood to turn over all of her calls and emails from the day Wes’ body was transferred, so she ends up getting suspended from the case.

Laurel (Karla Souza) is still on a downward spiral in the aftermath of Wes being murdered, and she hires a private investigator to look into the Mahoneys. Through the investigation, Laurel finds out that Wes was Wallace’s son so she assumes that the Mahoneys would have had a motive to kill Wes.

Laurel is still arguing with the rest of the Keating Four, but Asher (Matt McGorry) really makes a splash this episode when he suggests that Connor killed Wes — and he wasn’t the only one onto Connor. Super-sleuth Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) got in touch with Thomas, the man Connor slept with the night of Wes’ death, and he revealed that Connor checked his voicemail that night and there was a message from Annalise. “You were keeping a secret from me,” Oliver tells Connor. And he wasn’t wrong. In the flashback, Connor was at Annalise’s house the night of the fire, appearing to be resuscitating a very dead-looking Wes.

Here, actor Charlie Weber, who plays Frank, talks to Variety about the episode… 

Why was Connor at Annalise’s house that night?

It appears, to me, he was trying to give him CPR, but I don’t know what he was doing at the house. He’s been very vocal about his suspicions about Annalise and myself and Bonnie — but who knows if that’s because he’s covering his own tracks. Who knows why he was there. But there’s more to come.

Do you think Connor could have killed Wes?

I think Connor Walsh is capable of anything. The short answer is yes, but we are people who need reasons [to kill] so whatever history he has with Wes would need to come to life, if that were in fact the case.

Let’s say Connor didn’t kill Wes…why is he so overly suspicious of Annalise?

If he didn’t do it, then he’s right to be suspicious given the history that we all know of Annalise and Frank’s relationship. Certainly [killing Wes] something that we’re capable of doing, if we so chose. But again, Annalise has some pretty strong feelings for Wes.

What did Annalise’s voicemail say to Connor?

I don’t know. We may find out what brought some of them to the house and why others didn’t get there. We may or may not hear that voicemail.

Frank turned himself in for Wes’ death and Laurel said she saw him the basement, but we haven’t seen Frank in the house. Are both of them lying?

The great thing about our show, and what might be frustrating for the audience, is that typically we’re all lying all the time. So you never know what anyone ever means. It could all be true, and it could all be a story made up to try to get Annalise out. We will find that out by the finale.

Why does Frank want to help Annalise and Bonnie so badly? Is his guilt from the past still haunting him?

I think some of the guilt may have subsided over the years, but they are his life. Protecting Annalise and Bonnie is his life’s work. He will continue to do that. That’s what he does, and that’s what he’s done for a long time and it’s the only life he knows.

Now that he helped get Atwood suspended, is Frank back on Annalise’s good side?

I think they’re making progress. I think there’s work to be done. Frank really enjoyed being in that courtroom because they were a team again. That meant a lot to him that Annalise would ask him to do that, and he pulled it off.

Let’s talk about Atwood: is she in business with the Mahoneys, and involved somehow in Wes’ death?

There are so many ins-and-outs in the conspiracy. There are so many cooks in the kitchen. We’ll just have to watch and see.

Now that she’s been suspended, is Atwood really gone, or will we see her again?

We might.

You’re good at this no-spoiler game.

You better be, after Season 3. [Laughing]

Laurel is obviously not in a good place. Now that Wes is dead, will Frank come back into the picture at all?

I really have no idea. It always seems to me it’s this lingering thing, but she’s been very clear on numerous occasions that she has no interest in Frank.

Will Laurel have Wes’ baby, and will we get more clarity on that storyline by the end of this season?

I have no idea where that’s going to go. That’s a big one. We’ll work that one out in time, and we’ll see in the finale maybe a glimpse of where that’s going. That’s certainly something that will be addressed on some level.

What can you tease about how Frank’s storyline will wrap up in next week’s finale?

It’s been a long, hard road. He gets a little closure and the audience gets a little closure on this journey. He’s not off his path completely, but he’s hopefully closer to where he thinks he belongs. It’s a very surprising finale. A lot is going to happen. A lot is revealed, and other questions will be raised.

Were you surprised by Wes’ killer? Do you think the audience will be shocked?

Yes. I can’t elaborate on that, but the answer is yes. It’s beyond surprising.