Louis C.K. has been accused of sexual misconduct in a New York Times exposé, and Hollywood quickly took to social media to voice their disapproval of the comedian’s alleged behavior.

In the Times’ article, five women accused C.K. of misconduct, including masturbating in front of them. He has yet to respond to claims.

Before allegations surfaced, the Orchard canceled the premiere of C.K.’s controversial dark comedy “I Love You, Daddy.” His planned Thursday appearance on CBS’ “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” was also scrapped.

Rachel Bloom applauded the women who have come forward to share their accounts of harassment. “F— yes they’re brave. NO MORE SILENCING,” she wrote on Twitter.

Andy Lassner, executive producer of “Ellen,” condemned both C.K. and politician Roy Moore, who has also recently been accused of sexual harassment. “You don’t need to pick one just to push your political viewpoint,” he said.


“Wow,” Rosie O’Donnell wrote. “I guess nothing will ever surprise me again regarding men.”

Comedian Michael Ian Black said he knows and likes C.K., but won’t defend his behavior. “This is inexcusable and he needs to address it,” Black wrote.


Zoe Kazan put it simply, “Condolences, straight white dudes.”

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