Hacker Threatens to Release New Season of ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Orange Is The New Black
Courtesy of Netflix

A hacker who claims to have stolen the new season of “Orange is the New Black” is threatening to release the episodes online, unless Netflix pays an undisclosed amount of money, Variety has confirmed.

“We are aware of the situation. A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved,” Netflix said in a statement.

Using the alias The Dark Overlord, the hacker reportedly stole other TV shows in the breach, according to the AP, and may have already uploaded the first episode of “Orange Is the New Black” Season 5 to an illegal file-sharing website.

The F.B.I. is said to be investigating the matter.

New episodes of “Orange Is the New Black” are set for release on June 9.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently announced the streaming giant had surpassed 100 million subscribers. The company also said it was raising more than $1 billion outside of the U.S. to invest in its global division.

In the stock market, Netflix shares closed at $152.20 (-0.57%) on Friday.

UPDATE: Netflix Hacker Also Claims Theft From Fox, ABC, IFC, National Geographic