Shonda Rhimes and the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” joined the athletes, artists, and activists publicly kneeling to protest racial injustice.

In a caption to a photo posted on Instagram Tuesday, Rhimes wrote, “and we took a knee in solidarity of racial justice. #takeaknee #greysanatomy #300th.” The photo showed Rhimes kneeling with her hand over her heart beside “Grey’s Anatomy” stars Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams.

The ABC drama, one of the longest-running scripted shows in broadcast history, will mark its 300th episode this season.

Numerous stars and activists have taken to posting pictures of themselves kneeling on social media with the hashtag #takeaknee in recent days following President Donald Trump’s remarks last week criticizing NFL players for kneeling during the National Anthem as a form of protest against inequality and police brutality.

During a rally Friday, Trump said that a player who did not stand during the anthem was “a son of a bitch” and should be fired from his team. The move sparked massive protests and gestures of solidarity at NFL games Sunday and Monday, with hundreds of players kneeling, hundreds more standing with arms locked, and several teams staying in their locker rooms during the performance of the National Anthem.