SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watch the Mar. 16 episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” titled “Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?”

Rejoice, #Japril fans! This week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” was a one-off solely focused on Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew).

“I think that this episode is really more ‘Jackson the Movie’, than ‘Japril the Sequel,'” Sarah Drew tells Variety, referring to the episode from Season 12 that was all about Jackson and April’s relationship. “It really is about Jackson’s journey, and it made sense to have the person who knows him best be on that journey with him and show up and be strong for him in the midst of it.”

Thursday night’s hour centered around divorced duo who were assigned to a high-stakes case and had to take a flight, on the Avery family private jet, nonetheless, to perform surgery on the patient. However, the medical case-of-the-week was really the background of the episode, which heavily focused on Jackson’s personal life.

Jackson’s estranged father, who he never met, worked at the local restaurant near the hospital that Jackson and April visited, so Jackson ended up confronting him and through a series of scenes, ultimately told him he did not want to have a relationship, since he left him and never cared to be a true father.

“I think it has the power to change him in a lot of ways,” Drew says about Jackson finally meeting his dad. “Those are some pretty deep wounds that he’s been carrying for a long time — abandonment and confusion over how his father could have just walked away and never looked back — and the fear of somehow totally screwing up as a father himself because he has no model. I think this experience shows him that he’s not going to be his father and he’s going to be an incredible dad.”

After having face-to-face time with his father, an emotional Jackson reunites with April and they end up making out.

So, what does that kiss mean? According to Drew, there are a few scenarios for the future of Jackson and April’s relationship.

“I think they’re in a really heightened moment, for sure. They’ve had this tremendous victory of this surgery, which seems virtually impossible, but even more than that, he has set aside some pretty big demons that have been haunting him and she was there with him to encourage him along the way. They’ll always love each other and they’ll always have this chemistry with one another, and I think that moment is a product of all those things all coming together,” Drew rationalizes. “From here on out, they could either return to the hospital and be a bit confused about what their relationship is supposed to be; or this moment could be a solidification of their best friendship and just recognizing that they are each other’s person, whether that’s romantic or not; or it could be a total rekindling of their marriage. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Though Drew won’t spill on any spoilers, the actress says that personally she would love to see her character get back with Jackson.

“I always want them to get back together. Always. I am unabashedly a Japril fan,” Drew says with a laugh. “There are so many things about them that make them so good together and they’ve been through so much together, and my heart moves toward restoration so if people love each other and know how to live together and can forgive each other, then why aren’t they together? That’s always where I land, but we’ll see how it all plays out.”

Regardless of what happens in their romantic relationship, the trip will result in a healthier working relationship, and will enable Jackson and April to be better parents to their baby daughter, Harriet.

“This moment reminded them why they love each other, why they got married in the first place and also just re-solidified how important they are to each other and how well they know each other and much they care about each other,” Drew explains. “All of those elements are only going to make for a stronger co-parenting scenario. It can only do good things, in terms of Harriet’s life.

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