Glenn Beck Finds Bill O’Reilly Charges ‘Hard to Believe,’ Says Anchor Is in ‘His Last 24 Hours’ at Fox News

Glenn Beck Bill O'Reilly

Glenn Beck says he finds the sexual harassment suits against Bill O’Reilly “hard to believe” based upon the time he spent with the embattled “O’Reilly Factor” host at Fox News.

Beck shared his thoughts via video posted on TheBlaze’s Facebook account Wednesday morning.

“We worked closely with Bill on the road and he had access to very beautiful women on our staff. And he worked closely with very beautiful women on our staff,” Beck explained. “We never saw him utter a word that was even blue humor. He was so buttoned-up when he was around us that I find these charges hard to believe.”

Just seconds later though, Beck implied O’Reilly flirted with women, seemingly putting the blame on O’Reilly’s accuser.

“Somebody could’ve set him up very easily, played into flirting back with him,” Beck said, addressing the sexual harassment lawsuits against O’Reilly. “And then she wanted to make a name for herself, make money … that’s what the suit alleged. And he pays out to silence, Fox pays out to silence. That’s pretty bad, right? They paid money. They settled.”

There were reportedly five suits against O’Reilly.

Beck then brought up his own unspecified lawsuit that he said he was pressured into settling despite being “right.”

While Beck is skeptical about the merits of the lawsuit against O’Reilly, he did believe the sexual harassment claims against Roger Ailes, O’Reilly’s former boss and head of Fox News.

“I was not surprised about the findings or rumors about Roger Ailes, but until Megyn Kelly came out, I didn’t believe it. I thought Gretchen Carlson was pretty credible, but I still didn’t know because it was one person,” Beck explained. “It didn’t surprise me when Gretchen said that … but it was one person. The other people that started coming out against Roger looked really bad, but I didn’t know any of them.”

“When Megyn came out and said, ‘Yeah it happened to me,’ now I had two people — it’s Gretchen and Megyn — I believe them,” he continued. “As an outside person, I didn’t want to believe it until I had two credible people that I knew [then] I believe it.”

In short, Beck says he believed Kelly and Carlson’s claims against Ailes because they were multiple, “credible,” and he knew them, which is not the case with the women involved in the O’Reilly suits. Still, Beck believes O’Reilly’s time is up.

“Bill O’Reilly is in his last 24 hours,” Beck declared.

As previously reported, Fox is poised to drop O’Reilly from the network due to the multiple lawsuits. The anchor signed off on April 12 to go on vacation and had been scheduled to return on April 24.

You can watch Beck’s full video below.