Fox News Channel, working its way to build a new lineup in the wake of the departure of veteran Bill O’Reilly, said it would launch a new program at 5 p.m. featuring three anchors from different backgrounds.

Eric Bolling, Katherine Timpf and Eboni K. Williams will host “The Fox News Specialists,” which will air at 5 p.m. starting May 1. The show fills a slot that had previously housed “The Five,” a panel program that has been moved up to 9 p.m. as part of the changes related to the cancellation of the long-running “The O’Reilly Factor” at 8 p.m.

Each night, Bolling, Timpf and Williams will tap two guest experts to talk about the top stories and headlines of the day. .  The daily “specialists” will join the co-hosts to provide unique and unpredictable analysis on the stories trending in America.

“Eric, Katherine and Eboni’s diverse opinions and backgrounds will provide our audience with an hour of informative and entertaining analysis on daily stories that are most important to Americans,” said Suzanne Scott,  executive vice president of programming, in a prepared statement. “The combination of the co-hosts’ expertise in business, millennial and legal topics, respectively, will make for lively and compelling discourse.”

Bolling was previously the co-host of “The Five” and a host on Fox Business Network. He was an original panelist on “Fast Money” on CNBC and an independent commodities trader. Timpf joined Fox News in 2015 as a contributor, and has been a regular presence on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” on Sunday nights. She is also a writer for National Review and was formerly a reporter and editor for several publications. Williams also joined Fox News in 2015 and serves as a contributor, occasionally appearing on “Outnumbered” and “The Five.” She has been a CBS News correspondent and a Los Angeles talk radio host as well as a lawyer and public defender.