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Fox News contributor Robert J. O’Neill took to Twitter and Instagram to express some curious views on the recent Matt Lauer scandal, including Keith Olbermann in comments characterizing the two as “womanizing perverts.”

After boarding a flight, O’Neill opened up his feed to questions from followers, and responded to one question asking what his toughest hand-to-hand combat situation was — O’Neill is a former Navy SEAL — with, “Smacking Matt Lauer’s hands off of Keith Olbermann’s ass.”

He also posted a screenshot of the tweet to his Instagram account, adding in the caption, “Because f— both of you womanizing perverts. Karma is a … well, a woman you can’t touch.”

It is unclear what O’Neill was referring to by the comments. Though the sexual harassment allegations against former “Today” host Lauer and his subsequent dismissal are well-known, there are no known allegations against former MSNBC host Olbermann. As The Wrap points out, Olbermann said on the last episode of his YouTube show for GQ that he was leaving of his own volition — “no illness, no scandal, no firing.”