French pay-TV service Canal Plus has acquired “The State,” marking the first international deal for the upcoming drama about young British Muslims going to Raqqa, Syria, to join terror group ISIS.

The series is a co-production between Channel 4 and National Geographic and comes from Peter Kosminsky (“Wolf Hall”). Channel 4 will broadcast the four-part series on consecutive nights in the U.K. in August.

Cast members were at NatGeo’s TCA presentation last week alongside Kosminsky, who told reporters about the 18 months of research the team undertook to ensure the series was accurate. A new trailer was also unveiled for the show, which shows the day-to-day lives of the young Britons who travel to Syria.

Fox Networks Group Content Distribution is distributing the series and did the deal with Canal Plus, which is expected to run the series after Channel 4 in Britain but before National Geographic airs it on two nights, Sept. 18 and 19, in the U.S.

“The State” is made by U.K. producer Archery Pictures. It stars Sam Otto (“Collateral”), Ony Uhiara (“Law and Order”), Ryan McKen (“NW”) and Shavani Cameron (“Homeland”).