Walt Disney’s ESPN, under scrutiny as it works its way through subscriber losses, said it would reorganize the executives who supervise its overall content production.

Connor Schell, executive vice president of content named Stephanie Druley, Rob King, and Norby Williamson as part of a group of senior executives who will oversee various aspects of production.

Stephanie Druley was named senior vice president of event and studio production. Norby Williamson, who had been overseeing studio shows and live programming, was named executive vice president and executive editor of studio production. Rob King, who had overseen “Sports Center,” was  named senior vice president of original content and newsgathering.

In a memo, Schell said the company’s priorities would include evolving “Sports Center”; launching New York based studios for the network’s 2018 lineup; and creating high-quality original content for a range of media venues.

Schell also expanded his team to include several other direct reports: Jodi Markley, executive vice president of content operations and creative services; Laura Gentile, senior vice president of business and content operations, and Ryan Spoon, senior vice president of social content.

Schell, who had been  overseeing film, original content and talent, was promoted in June to oversee all of the unit’s content creation, whether it be print, video or digital.