Donald Trump Will ‘Give Shape’ to ‘Good Fight,’ Co-Creator Says

Donald Trump Will 'Give Shape' 'Good

CBS All Access’ spinoff of “The Good Wife” will be defined in part by the election and looming presidency of Donald Trump, according to its creators.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour Monday, executive producers Robert and Michelle King discussed how Trump’s ascendance has changed the context of “The Good Fight.”

“‘The Good Wife’ was a satire of sort of a liberal mindset, because Chicago is such a liberal town,” said Robert King. The new show “is not just anti-Trimp, anti-Trump, anti-Trump. It’s also looking at how liberals are reacting.”

The forthcoming Trump administration “is all going to give shape to a new show,” King added. “This is all going to change. Some people say for the better, some for the worse.”

Lead actress Christine Baranski described filming scenes for the first episode on the night that Trump was elected.

“We were all in freefall,” Baranski said. “The interesting thing is you have an interesting character who is in a moral, practical freefall in the same way that the country is right now.”

The Kings said that they went back and rewrote portions of the first episode after Trump was elected. In an early scene, Baranski’s character is shown watching coverage of Trump’s inauguration on television.

A trailer for the show, released Monday, also showed Baranski’s character shouting the word “f–k” — something that never would have been allowed on “The Good Wife,” because of broadcast standards and practices. But having the series stream instead on CBS All Access allows the producers more leeway.

“They’re not going to be drastically different, but you’re going to hear them say the swear words that you would hear them say in real life,” Michelle King said of the show’s characters. The scene from the trailer was shot three ways, she said — one with Baranski saying “son of a bitch,” one with “f–k,” and one with “motherf–ker.”

The first episode of “The Good Fight” will premiere on the CBS broadcast network, with all subsequent episodes streaming exclusively in the U.S. on All Access. The All Access version of the premiere, Robert King said, will be seven minutes longer than the broadcast version. The broadcast version will include the “son of a bitch” take.

CBS Interactive president Marc DeBevoise announced Monday prior to the panel that the second episode of the new series will debut on All Access on Feb. 19, the same night that the debut episode airs on CBS.

Watch the trailer for “The Good Fight” below: