Jane’s Addiction guitarist and former Red Hot Chili Peppers member Dave Navarro makes a guest appearance on Bravo’s “Odd Mom Out” this season, playing himself in the episode that airs tonight (Aug. 30) at 9:30 p.m.

Under the banner “Star Gazing,” creator and star Jill Kargman embarks on a day-long chase all over Los Angeles after spotting the rock star from a distance. With pal Vanessa (KK Glick) along for the ride, shenanigans ensue as the adventure takes them to iconic Hollywood locales and even a zero-gravity chamber.

The scripted series, which first premiered in June 2015, has featured Molly Ringwald and Meredith Viera, among others, in previous guest roles. The show is based on a satirical version of Kargman’s life as she tries to find her way among New York’s Upper East Side elite.

Season three of “Odd Mom Out” wraps on Sept. 13.

Watch Navarro’s scene below: