CNN, MSNBC Dig Deep on Trump Campaign Indictments While Others Juggle

New Day CNN
Jeremy Freeman

CNN and MSNBC mounted sustained coverage of Monday’s news about new questions swirling around former Trump campaign officials, while other TV-news outlets incorporated those headlines into a more typical look at a wider range of headlines.

As news broke early this morning about indictments being brought against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and adviser Rick Gates for money laundering and other charges. CNN’s “New Day” made the topic its single focus. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” also dug into the topic most intensely in its final hour on air. Both news networks continued to dig on the story. By the time Hallie Jackson took the chair for MSNBC and John Berman and Poppy Harlow for CNN, news had broken about George Papadopolous, a former foreign policy adviser to President Trump’s 2016 campaign, who earlier this month pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts he had with Russian officials, and the their focus on the issue intensified. CNN is expected to air a special report tonight at 11 p.m. on the Russia investigation anchored by Jake Tapper.

But other TV-news staples had to juggle coverage of the Russia investigation with other topics and features. NBC’s “Today” had an interview with child actor Corey Feldman, discussing sexual abuse in Hollywood.

Fox News Channel covered the latest headlines related to the indictments, but did not spend more than a few minutes at a time on them. Earlier today, the hosts on “Fox & Friends” discussed the Manafort indictment, but then also told audiences about a growing conspiracy theory surrounding the use of investigations firm Fusion GPS and its possible ties to Hillary Clinton. During “America’s Newsroom,” host Bill Hemmer turned to colleague Brian Kilmeade to hear how listeners of his radio show were reacting to the latest developments in the Mueller investigation. Fox News also devoted a segment to the current NFL controversy about football players taking a knee to protest during presentations of the National Anthem.

The breaking news surfaced during “Megyn Kelly Today,” where host Megyn Kelly introduced NBC News correspondent Pete Williams in the opening moments of her show and prompted him to discuss the latest details of the story with her audience.