ABC’s upcoming comedy series “The Mayor” was inspired in part by Chance the Rapper and “Hamilton” breakout Daveed Diggs, series creator Jeremy Bronson said Sunday at the TCA summer press tour.

“I knew Daveed was part of all sorts of community groups and these small collectives doing music together,” Bronson said. “And then when I read about Chance also starting out doing his poetry in the multi-purpose room of his high school, I thought it was very, very interesting.”

Diggs, who serves as an executive producer on “The Mayor,”also writes original music for the show. He said during the lively panel that he has been impressed with the synergistic way he has been able to work with the actors and writers on the show to craft the show’s score. He also addressed whether or not he would appear in an onscreen role.

“We have this kind of fluid way we can work and also having access to the writers’ room beforehand it’s this crazy workflow that I actually think is pretty special,” he said. “As far as being on the show, there are opportunities, but I am really excited about the work that’s happening behind the scenes of the show and that’s something that I have less experience at. There’s so much work to do, and I’m so excited to do it, I don’t feel the need to be in front of the camera.”

Diggs also said that he felt it very important to craft an authentic San Francisco Bay area sound for the show’s music, as the show takes place in a Bay area town and Diggs himself is from Oakland.

The series follows Courtney Rose (Brandon Michael Hall), a young rapper who decides to drum up publicity for his mixtape by running for mayor of his California hometown. But his plans go awry when he unexpectedly wins the election.

In addition to Hall, the series also stars Lea Michele, Bernard David Jones, Marcel Spears, and Yvette Nicole Brown. David Spade will appear in a recurring guest star role. Executive producers of the series are Diggs, Bronson, Jamie Tarses and James Griffiths. “The Mayor” is produced by ABC Studios.