IFC has ordered a second season of “Brockmire.” The half-hour comedy is being renewed just ahead of its scheduled series premiere Wednesday night.

“Brockmire” stars Hank Azaria as Jim Brockmire, a former Major League Baseball announcer attempting to revive his career with a minor-league gig. Amanda Peet and Tyrel  Jackson Williams star alongside Azaria.

The eight-episode second season is set to premiere on IFC in 2018.

“We love everything about ‘Brockmire’ – from the writing, to the cast, to all the sports puns we get to use,” said Jennifer Caserta, president of IFC. “The show has already gotten an amazing reception from fans and critics alike, and we are thrilled to be ‘keeping it Brockmire’ with our partners at Funny or Die and Hank Azaria for another season on IFC.”

Azaria added, “This show is the most fun I’ve ever had. Well, the most fun I’ve ever had while working, anyway. It is truly my favorite thing I’ve ever done. Well, while being filmed, that is. Thanks to IFC for letting us do whatever we wanted to. Well, mostly.”

“Brockmire” originated as a series of short videos on Funny Or Die, which produces the cable show. It is written by Joel Church-Cooper, directed by Tim Kirkby, and executive produced by Azaria, Church-Cooper, and Kirkby, as well as Funny Or Die’s Mike Farah, Joe Farrell, and Anna Wenger.

In her review of the show for Variety, Sonia Saraiya wrote, “Despite the inherent tragedies of being a rust-belt minor-league alcoholic baseball announcer, ‘Brockmire’ is quite a lot of fun to watch. Partly that is because it is exceptionally critical of its protagonist, looking for opportunities to expose his hypocrisies. And partly that is because ‘Brockmire’s’ comedic sensibility tends towards hyper-relevant surreality.”