Bravo to Develop Six New Unscripted Series, Including ‘Million Dollar Home Hacks’

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Bravo will add to their robust slate of unscripted series with the development of six new shows, Variety has learned.

Among those six are real estate shows “Million Dollar Home Hacks” and “Flippin’ Exes,” along with the re-creation series “High School Stories.”

“Bravo’s incredible equity in the high-end real estate space allows us to explore the biggest characters and most aspirational lifestyles, which are both key differentiators in this crowded landscape,” said Rachel Smith, Bravo’s senior vice president of development. “In addition, with a large stable of original series that continue to grow in the key demos, we’re able to take big swings in new spaces across many genres, and we’re excited to get these projects off the ground.”

Read the full list of series in development below.

“Center Staged”
Produced by Kingdom Reign Entertainment with Carlos King serving as Executive Producer and ITV American with David George and Jordana Hochman as executive producers

Before a multi-million dollar house goes on the market, stagers are hired to furnish the space so that it appeals to the most demanding and specific of buyers. The series will follow married couple Adair Curtis and Jason Bolden, who are the go-to stagers for such estates in California.

“Million Dollar Home Hacks”
Produced by Shed Media and Wall to Wall Media with Pam Healey, Lisa Shannon and Jeremy Dear as executive producers

Two couples, along with the help of interior designers, compete to transform a room in their home into a “million dollar” interior. Inspired by a luxury property somewhere in America, they’ll use secret industry tricks to achieve the same look without the price tag.

“Flippin’ Exes”
Produced by Rock Shrimp Productions with Kim Martin and Bobby Flay as executive producers

The series follows ex-couple and current business partners, Nina Klemm and Michael LeSure, and their team as they buy, rehab, and sell homes in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“The High School Project”
From Wilshire Studios and executive producer Billy Taylor

This re-creation series that follows the true stories of New York City’s most elite students who grew up fast and partied hard in the 90’s. From lavish lifestyles, to drinking and arrests, to insane vacations and fake IDs, the series retells the tales that changed their lives forever.

“Welcome to America”
Produced by Our House Media with Simon Lloyd and Joe Houilhan as executive producers.

This series takes a small American town, with demographics that haven’t changed in centuries, and shakes up the population to reflect different parts of the country. Key members of the town will voluntarily leave for one month, and moving in will be a diverse group who will step into the vacated lives of the locals.

“Empty Nesters”
Produced by Left Hook Media, with Scott Teti and Matt Odgers serving as executive producers, in partnership with Truly Original, with Glenda Hersh and Steven Weinstock serving as executive producers.

This series follows a group of friends who are planning to send their children to summer camps. And while their offspring tastes freedom for the first time, the parents will get their endless summer back.