Bill Maher Lets Milo Yiannopoulos Attack Female Comedians Unchecked on HBO’s ‘Real Time’

Bill Maher Lets Milo Yiannopoulos Attack

If Milo Yiannopoulos hoped that Bill Maher and HBO would provide him a new platform to renew attacks on familiar targets, his wish was granted.

The far-right provocateur appeared on HBO’s “Real Time” Friday and took aim at the likes of Lena Dunham, Leslie Jones, and other female comics — and offered praise for his host, Maher.

“You’re the only good one,” Yiannopoulos said to Maher, talking about liberals. “Your side has gone insane.”

Yiannopoulos then took shots at “Girls” creator and star Lena Dunham as he criticized the Democratic Party.

“The Democrats are the party of Lena Dunham,” Yiannopoulos said. “These people are mental, hideous people, and the more that America sees of Lena Dunham, the fewer votes that the Democratic Party is going to get.”

Maher responded, “Let’s not pick on fellow HBO stars.”

The joke was more than Maher mustered on behalf of other Yiannopoulos targets. The host said that the “one area” where he had concerns with Yiannopoulos was his targeting of individuals — specifically Yiannopoulos’ role in the online harassment of “Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones

“I said that she looked a dude, which she does,” Yiannopoulos said — to which Maher responded, “Right.”

Yiannopoulos continued by repeating his assertion that Jones, who has been a writer and cast member on “Saturday Night Live” for four seasons, is “barely literate.” His claim went unchallenged by Maher.

Jones became the target of a harassment campaign on Twitter last year that saw Yiannopoulos egg on users projecting racist and misogynistic profanity at the actress. Yiannopoulos’ Twitter account was suspended as a result of his role in the campaign.

A large chunk of the interview was devoted to Yiannopoulos criticizing female comedians. He said that Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman used to be funny “before they contracted feminism.” Maher, at the mention of Silverman’s name, said only, “Another someone I’m a fan of. Let’s get off this.”

Maher did tell Yiannopoulos that he was “very wrong about certain things,” such as his assertions the Black Lives Matter is a hate group and that white privilege doesn’t exist.

“We can disagree on those things, and that’s wonderful,” Yiannopoulos said. Maher never returned to either subject. Instead Yiannopoulos pivoted to Jeremy Scahill, the journalist and frequent “Real Time” guest who canceled his appearance on the show after Maher booked Yiannopoulos. Maher grew visibly excited as he addressed the criticism that he received since announcing that Yiannopoulos would appear on the show.

“Stop taking the bait, liberals,” he said. “The fact that they all freaked out about an impish, British f-g. You schoolgirls.”

Yiannopoulos, a paid provocateur and editor for Breitbart News, has been criticized for promoting a racist ideology in his writing and media appearances. Scahill, in his statement this week announcing that he would not appear on “Real Time,” wrote, “Milo Yiannopoulos is many bridges too far. He has ample venues to spew his hateful diatribes. There is no value in ‘debating’ him. Appearing on ‘Real Time’ will provide Yiannopoulos with a large, important platform to openly advocate his racist, anti-immigrant campaign.”

As the interview ended Friday night, Maher thanked Yiannopoulos for coming on and said, “We’ll do it again.”

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  1. There are female comics?

  2. David Gunderson says:

    To all my friends of different backgrounds, cultures and sexuality preferences,

    Do not be fooled by false narratives and always fact check before jumping on a bandwagon. Right now our nation has the opportunity to unite and inspire growth and come together in solidarity. Let’s not divide hard working families, but rather find solutions to help hard workers take care of their loved ones and themselves. Lets not be bamboozled into thinking that we need to be divided and conned into hating each other. Our objective isn’t to rise as #1, but rather rise to lift each other up.

    Right now, everyone is being rope-a-doped and being pitted against each other. The media is creating division and trying to rally everyone against each other. The media is a liar and does sell false narratives and false flags, hence 9/11. You remember all the lies and deceit then? So all the sudden, they are telling the truth? No. They are selling the lie, not telling the truth. Are we to buy into it or listen up?

    Believe what it is that you believe, but please try to listen and communicate vs trying to destroy someone you disagree with. It’s time to listen to each other and figure things out. Don’t be rope-a-doped. Don’t be so sold on what you think, that you can’t listen to the next person. Listening doesn’t require agreeing to everything the other person says, but it does show the other person that you’re giving them a chance and that they don’t need to feel threatened. Lets fix things, not damage them further.

    Bill Maher, would you interview me and equally share talk time?

  3. Sal U. Lloyd says:

    Far right GAY provocateur, Mr. Holloway.

  4. Jack G says:

    Maher called him a “fag.” Where’s the outrage?

  5. Can we maybe stop humoring this flyspeck by calling him a “provocateur”? “Compulsive liar” is so much more accurate and doesn’t give him that little payoff of feeling like his intolerant right-wing bullshit just shocks and provokes people so, so much.

  6. Alex says:

    The left has made him a star, when they protest Milo and tell people not to listen to him people wonder what the big deal is. This is how Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern became stars, people tuned in to find out what all the fuss was about. Now people will start watching and reading little Milo, love him or hate him he is entertaining. $10 sez Bill has him on again before the end of the year.

  7. Skinny: And then I realised I don’t have any clothes and I’m on the wrong
    floor outside the elevator and people are passing by
    going to breakfast.

  8. wow, what a bunch of lies, Fake News much?

  9. It’s truly amazing how much this lightweight is given oxygen. He’s basically a classic limp-wrist sissy-boy who revels in pissing off the left, and the left takes the bait. Maker’s other two panelist, Larry Wilmore and Malcolm Nance, told him to go “fuck himself” and intelligently challenged. They pushed back and he bent over. However, he has a validate point about the PC and censorious left: they don’t welcome a diversity of ideas.

  10. BULLSHIT you shill. Milo absolutely did NOT egg on people to attack Leslie Jones. Good to see Variety engage in Fake News, though.

  11. Tom M. says:

    So if he “attacked” male comedians, it’s OK?

  12. bonnehou58 says:

    Poor snowflakes! Oh, the horrible things he said! Now…what was that trash talk these people like to say about anyone who is not a liberal/democrat??

    These women want to take on Trump and his supporters as nasty as possible and Variety and the liberals melt like snowflakes. Can dish it, but can’t take it??

  13. Trumpanzee Trainer says:

    Often when a gay man is not a liberal, he is likely to be a pederast and a misogynist.

  14. lolalucia says:

    Wow. This is sad. I am no where near a person who agrees with this Milo person on his views about women and feminism but damn, talk about distorting truth and pushing an agenda. I watched the segment and I found nothing that would support the idea that Maher is a supporter of hate speech. As for transphobia and islamophobia, this continued attempt to paint criticism of either as “phobic” is a familiar silencing technique and a true form of bullying.

    Pathetic article. It started out disappointing with the lack of information sharing and context, then shocking with its blatant distortion of truth to utter ridiculous in its assertions of bigotry.

  15. popoxazuy says:


    ═❥❥★★★- see go here

    • proficy27 says:

      Agree on everything but Islamophobia is a thing. A lot of people see Islamist as terrorist. Therefore, they are afraid of their ideals and actions. Phobia is “fear of”. So fear of Islam, which it is, would be Islamophobia. That one makes sense.

  16. Liza says:

    Not a fan of Sarah Palin, but Maher and his guests didn’t say anything when horrific suggestions were made about things that s/b done to her. Don’t recall Variety having an article about those comments toward a woman. Guess it only matters when the women are liberal comedians.

  17. Timely Comment says:

    Geez, a Conservative, right-wing provocateur DOESN’T like women ??!

    Not too surprising– given his previous Gamergate and Leslie Jones notoriety. Way to keep up his “brand”!

    The fact that he’s gay and espousing these frankly misogynistic views HAS to be discussed. Bill Maher’s exposure of Yiannopoulos’ opinions is a service to that…

    • bezzio2 says:

      “all gamer hate Women” you don’t know nothing about Gamergate besides watch the original video of this interview… don’t read someone else take on it.

      Gamergate originally was against corrupt gamer media then Feminist wanted to control what is made in Game industry and started making issues from something that wasn’t an issue at all. Games are played by everybody women, men, boy and girl. People who were involved in gamergate were from all countries, race, sexism etc. People found common enemy and attacked it because they tried to attack them and force change which nobody really wanted (at least 90% of the community).

      Feminist wanted to bring women into a community which already have women in it and are okay how it’s .(hardcore gamers ~20% are females and 51% are casuals gamers if I’m not wrong). Feminist attacked game which objectified women. Guest what? Most people who developed this game were girls… So yeah feminist attack women who didn’t do any harm to living women… To the main ppl in the movement were sent e-mails from developers that they are with them but they can’t speak up or they will be slander in the media.

      • Michael says:

        Some women want to discuss games as a part of a literate culture, and they want to discuss it from a feminist point of view, the way one would of films, novels, paintings, music, and history. These women acknowledged that games were more than just blinking lights, something they were not the first to do. Looking at games as a part of culture is almost as old as games. “gamergate” responded to the very late discovery that some feminists were talking about games, with false allegations that women in gaming were using sex to garner better reviews (with literally zero evidence), gamergate members started sharing the names and addresses of women they did not like. This was in an effort to censor feminist commentary. gamergate was an affront to free speech. The general concern, which you repeat above, is that any comment that you don’t like is an “attack.” The feminists in question were never attacking anyone. Commenting on games is like commenting on art. You can disagree with the comments; saying it is unethical to comment is censorship.

        A few months after the name “gamergate” was coined, people started to say it was really about “ethics in gaming journalism,” and they proved it by continuing to threaten and harrass women who dared to speak in any way about games, to threaten advertisers who supported magazines that said things they disagreed with (they protested “agenda-driven journalism” by demaning that advertisers enforce an agenda). gamergate evolved to the ridiculous extreme where any woman appearing in any “male space,” ie the ladies in the Ghostbusters film, Charlize in Mad Max, Daisy in Star Wars, were called examples of some “feminist agenda,” and protest columns were written, often accompanied by negative reviews months before anyone had had a chance to view the material. And yet these dudes would continue to claim that it was about “ethics.”

        No one making the claim that gamergate was about ethics would be able to argue the point, since there are too many counterexamples. How is threatening an advertiser not a breach of journalistic ethics? Ho is a bomb threat at a feminist panel an ethical move? What role does doxxing play in the ethical discussion? It’s not even possible to frame a narrative about ethics that includes gamergate. It was a movement of panicked 4chan trolls who were worried that someone had opinions they did not share or condone.

    • bonnehou58 says:

      He has no problem with women. Just feminazis. Obviously, any knowledge here of Milo isn’t because of actual experience, like watching Maher’s interview or actually researching the subject. Just parroting talking points gleaned from the echo chambers.
      In fact, I’d count on the fact the poster ^^ couldn’t even come up with a quote from Milo to Jones of a racial nature.

  18. This SJW-written article only helps prove Yiannopoulos’ point. Only SJW’s think in terms of LETTING PEOPLE and NOT LETTING PEOPLE voice their opinion. Social Justice Warrior leftists are the ultimate tyrants.

  19. Danny says:

    My oh my. Look at all the yellow snowflakes here defending untalented attention whore Mewly Weeniopoulos. It’s almost like they’re outraged over being called out for their own mediocre intellects. So easily triggered!

  20. Where exactly is the evidence that Yiannopoulos spreads hateful and racist diatribes? I only ever hear him go on about Free Speech. The fact that Schill didn’t show up makes it seem like he’s not really interested in having a dialogue.

  21. Alex says:

    I’m sure Maher will have Milo back again and again, he makes Ann Coulter look tame. The show should be full of outspoken lunatics, it isn’t “Meet the Press”.

  22. Kitty gianelli says:

    Milo a Racist is a joke. Stop using that word for everyone you disagree with- It has no meaning anymore.

  23. Saying he doesn’t find feminist comedians funny is a thought crime that can’t go unchecked? What exactly is the point here?

  24. Maher interrupted so often, Milo was barely able to finish a sentence, so to claim he “attacked” female comics (I believe only Dunham, who has been severely criticized by liberals for her awful abortion comment, and Silverman, who has also been heavily criticized by liberals for her sex-with-children jokes) is ridiculous.

    I wish Maher had interrupted less and let Milo explain his positions, but Maher is a narcissist so he can’t let anyone take the spotlight.

    Milo is right about this: if you don’t show up to debate, you have already lost. It is the safe-space, thought-police, perpetually offended left who gave us Trump. Wise up folks, because y’all own a LOT of what’s going down over the next four years.

  25. Johnny Edinburgh says:

    Interesting choice of word in the title “Attack” – a weaselly way of trying to equate words to violence. The reality is he offered an opinion thats all, it was very tame.

  26. Chris Walken says:

    Terrible click bait headline. Did the writer actually watch the show? Is it any wonder the news media isn’t trusted? “Unchecked”? Hardly. He disagreed but allowed for this douche bag’s opinion. What did the writer want him to do exactly?

  27. Johnny Edinburgh says:

    I strongly disagree with Milo, Sarah Silverman has never been funny.

    • Dave Stone says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by the “click bait” title. What does the author think Mahrer was going to do to stop him.? I know nothing about Milo, but despise Mahrer and his arrogance. This article was almost as big a waste of time as watching any of Bill Mahrer’s shows

  28. Liple4 says:

    I want peace with liberals.

    • Dave Stone says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by the “click bait” title. What does the author think Mahrer was going to do to stop him.? I know nothing about Milo, but despise Mahrer and his arrogance. This article was almost as big a waste of time as watching any of Bill Mahrer’s shows. Additionally, what does”Yiannopoulos, a paid provocateur and editor” imply, that these other idiots like Bill are doing it for free?

  29. Jim Schubach says:

    The lemmings are on the move. An new/old political attack strategy is popping up across the country. It is the same approach used by extremist political groups in the 1960s and follows this approach: 1. Vilify a political opponent by attaching an inflammatory label. 2. Then claim that the accusation is true and consequently the person is beyond the political pale. 3. Attempt to ban or boycott the person from speaking. The old version went like this: 1. My opponent is a Communist. 2. We know he is a Communist because he is in favor of socialized medical. 3. We have the right to ban or boycott public appearances of Communists. The new version is as follows: My political opponent is a racist and misogynist. 2. We know he is a racist and misogynist because he doesn’t like Lenna Durham and made fun of the cast of “Ghostbusters”. 3. We will not go on any TV program that has the temerity to give a “national platform” to this despicable person. We call for a boycott or ban of this person when and wherever he speaks publicly. In the case Yvette Felarca, who organized the demonstration/riot in Berkley against the speaking engagement of Milo Yiannopoulus, the argument slips into the realm of conspiracy theories. YF claim that Milo is the “youth face” an “token” representative of a hidden fascist movement that is planning violent attacks on Americans and this movement is also in league with the Trump administration. She claims the right to “use any means necessary” to stop the fascists. There is this explosion of self-righteousness, intolerance, censorship and fantasy – the hallmarks of political fanaticism. The lemmings are on the move.

  30. Rahm Daley says:

    The establishment hates Trump and Milo for telling the TRUTH!!!…. We are now seeing that honest democracy is almost dead in the Western World. The establishment (the collection of big banks, billionaires and bureaucrats teamed with the MSM & the radical Left) will do anything to stop Trump, Brexit, Frexit and even Greece from switching from the Euro to the US Dollar.

    The establishment, known as the “Deep State”, is determined to forge a cashless society under a single undemocratic world government. Who do citizens vote for at the socialist UN, EU, IMF, WTO??? These NGOs (Non-Governmnet Organizations) are fascist. The Nazis were socialist (Nazi means National Socialist) and they planned a similar one World government too.

  31. Rahm Daley says:

    Sure bigot Bill had Milo on…. then he and the other authoritarian liberals attacked MILO endlessly…. They all told him to F%@#-OFF!!! I also noticed that all of their talking point were based on lies and fiction….

    The political Left (corporate tools) hate Milo and Trump because… Because large corporations make extra billions by hiring low wage foreign workers legal and illegal…. Look at Disney, they fired their entire US workforce and replaced them with lower wage H1 Visa foreign workers… Disney also owns ESPN and countless other networks and movie studios to peddle their deviant greedy propaganda… Imagine what Walt Disney would think of his company now as they sell the American worker out.

    Globalism is about the financial elites moving jobs and wealth from democracies to slave wage dictatorships via NAFTA and TPP. The financial elites and dictators grow more powerful and the democracies become weaker. This is our World in 2017 and what Trump and his supporters are wanting to reverse!

    Honest democracy is about giving power to the little guy and there’s nothing the financial elite and the totalitarian fascist Left hate more.

  32. swede says:

    Free speech goes BOTH ways Variety. You are becoming such a dumb rag.

  33. libsblow says:

    I should’ve known that this variety comment section would be a bunch of whinyliberals who can only win these elections going forward by either figuring out how to fix the elections with illegal or fraudulent votes or by moving liberal voters to those states that needed to bring swillary to 270 and if Trump is successful with jobs you guys are in deep trouble and Milo is not going to be your only problem…I don’t know why liberals cannot face the facts

  34. libsblow says:

    for Maha to say that he did not know anything about Milo and only learned about him recently is pure bull shit and if you believe that you’re a very naïve

  35. libsblow says:

    disjointed and incoherent? Milo is certainly no dummy do you think that Maha was going to not talk over him. if you’ve ever listened to Milo he’s very factual and makes a lot of sense whether you agree with him or not an if Maha let him talk he would be able to prove much of what he says but of course that would look bad for Maha which is why he talked over him

  36. libsblow says:

    what “journalist” writes that there is no value in the baiting him/milo? that’s just some useless liberal who doesn’t want to discuss how much the liberal causes sucks and why it caused Clinton to lose. milo is very sharp when it comes to debate and the facts that’s why liberals hate him.

  37. Wilmore, a guy who called the president his nigga to his face, had a meltdown over Yiannopolous. Milo ftw!

  38. yo jo says:

    Milo literally got told to go “f***” himself multiple times and you’re worried about him calling Lena Dunham hideous? The left is childish.

  39. Kris says:

    Look, I despise Milo as much as the next guy but this article is doing everything he accuses the “left” of doing. Maybe try watching the interview before writing about it, because Maher checked him on pretty much everything he said.

    Miio fans are saying that it was a terrible interview because Maher just “talked over him” so I’m not sure how you can see it from your perspective if you actually watched it.

  40. Bill Weeden says:

    This is a ridiculous article. Like someone else suggested, it seems as though you didn’t even see the show. Maher was clearly critical of Milo, and Milo was disjointed and incoherent. I admire Maher for alowing adversarial viewpoints to air on his show. Meanwhile, I’m appalled and disappointed that Variety has sunk to this level of political correctness.

  41. Alan Caras says:

    As an erudite pundit, Maher is a better comedian.

  42. Selene says:

    Did you write this article without even watching the show? Maher absolutely “checked” Yiannopoulos. Maher objected every single time Yiannopoulos insulted women, but Yiannopoulos just kept talking over him. And if he did advocate any political position other than freedom of speech, it was cut from the episode. Or maybe I just couldn’t hear it over the sound of the audience booing. This was no platform.

    Meanwhile, isn’t Lena Dunham the one who claimed to have raped her sister? Let’s not be so quick to defend her.

  43. The Truth says:

    Milo is a craven provocateur with no real agenda other than self promotion. His schtick is to taunt The Left with snarky insults and then ridicule the inevitably outraged response. His worst nightmare is that no one will take the bait, because without engagement, he has no act. Giving him a forum on the show was an utter waste of airtime.

  44. loco73 says:

    Why should he? Is he the morality police now?!

    • RJ says:

      No, he’s the host of the show the guy is using to promote his shitty ideas. Would you hand a Klan member a megaphone and a soapbox and tell him to stand on your front lawn and say whatever he wants? Then, if a neighbor complains, you’d say, “I can’t stop him. What am I? The morality police now?!”

      • loco73 says:

        Well…if I had a Klan member stand on my front lawn I’d run over the fucker with a lawnmower (and then back up just to make sure), so none of what you said applies and the analogy is not spot on it is useless. Perhaps Maher should have informed himself more about this guy (Maher himself said that he didn’t know much about Yiannopoulos and had become aware of him only recently) and what he stands for and says and not bothered to book him on the show in the first place.

      • SparklesLaPooche says:

        Spot on analogy.

  45. Jim says:

    Bill realized that he was looking at the other side of the mirror. Milo is pretty much the right’s version of Bill Maher. He provokes people and hopes to get them to think about their long held beliefs.

    It was hilarious to watch Milo provoke Larry Wilmore and the other panelist to the pint where they had no other argument that they simply went schoolyard with “go fuck yourself”.

    Geez, Larry. You used to have a show, used to be a writer and that’s what Milo reduced you to.

    • RJ says:

      You act like Milo had some witty insight or clever argument. How many people do you know who can deal with the bigoted equivalent of a younger sibling holding a finger half an inch from your face going, “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!”?

      What’s the adult response to that kind of juvenile behavior? Particularly when the “trolling with a reason” happens to bolster and normalize the views of white supremacists and other assholes around the country?

    • Joe says:

      I thought they had plenty argument. Just concluded with “go f…” yourself.

      • Derp says:

        Larry had about 10 seconds of rational speech at the very start, and then Milo triggered him into hysterics.

  46. Bill says:

    Bill Maher is being played. He doesn’t even know how hard. The white nationalists hate him yet he tries feebly to placate them with this “free speech” garbage. The right to free speech is not the right to a platform.

    • RJ says:

      That, and Maher seems blissfully unaware of how the “we’ll expose them for what they really are by giving them a platform to sir their crazy in the open” just went in this last election. It’s been repeated so many times in history, too. Giving bigots and loonies a podium in the name of free speech doesn’t always turn the public against them, and sometimes Garner’s them more support.

  47. YYZ says:

    Bill Maher is to be congratulated for allowing the other side to speak. If we as a country allow speech we disagree with to be shut down, then the country is in serious trouble. And right now too many people are the self-appointed arbiters of permissible public dialogue. They are the true trolls.

    • RJ says:

      So you’re saying *any and all* ideas should be given public and private platforms to speak? Not just allowed to speak without government interference, but that TV shows, universities, radio stations, etc. *absolutely have to* allow everyone, regardless of merit or sanity, promote their ideas, otherwise it’s oppression?

  48. Joe says:

    It’s the same as when he has on Ann “Crazy Azz” Coulter, or Kellyanne “Lying Azz” Conway, Maher lets them rant too much without checking them. It’s not that he agrees with them (obviously he doesn’t), it’s just what are we learn from them that we don’t already know? They are hateful, vile, despicable people…who have now been given a chance to be so…in front of the liberals they so hate. What is the point? What have we learned?

  49. Sa_Bi says:

    Too bad that he allows a troll to speak. And now I have to complain about how terrible Trump is for criticizing the media, an act that disrespects their 1st A rights.

  50. AUDCOG says:

    Danie H, it’s true, and when I watched the episode my heart dropped. BUT, he let Milo burn himself down in front of a HUGE view audience by allowing him to get in some demented “comfort” zone. The guy is obviously insane, and even though he has a base, I think he never looked so pathetic.

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