‘The Bachelor’ Recap: After a Volleyball Game Gone Awry, Nick Spikes Three

The Bachelor Nick

The last time we saw Taylor, she was barging in on Nick and Corinne’s alone time after being eliminated on a two-on-one in the Louisiana bayou. Feeling lost? Here’s last week’s recap.

As this week’s episode begins, it’s very clear that nothing Taylor says to Nick will change his mind about Corinne, but that doesn’t stop her from giving it the old Johns Hopkins try. She tells Nick that Corinne lied — she’s absolutely, definitely not a bully. “I want you to open your eyeballs,” Taylor commands. Nick lets her know that his decision to send her home was not based on anything Corinne said. Subtext: I’m not into you, please leave.

Corinne, naturally, gets the last word: “What I learned today is cats have nine lives, and b—s have two.”

At the rose ceremony, Nick awards the usual suspects, gives his last pick to someone named Whitney, and says goodbye to Josephine, Jaimi and Alexis. Somewhere, the producers frantically scramble to find footage to show during the credits, as the remaining women catch a plane to Saint Thomas.

At this point, Kristina, Jasmine and Whitney are the only bachelorettes left who haven’t gone on a one-on-one date. When the first date goes to Kristina, Jasmine begins to melt down.

While their date itinerary seems pretty sparse, it gives Kristina a chance to share her life story. She tells Nick about her childhood in Russia growing up without food. “I remember eating lipstick,” she tells him. At five years old, she went to live in an orphanage, leaving behind her mother who is now dead, and a sister. Kristina explained that she stayed at the orphanage for seven or eight years until she was given a chance to move to America. Or stay in Russia where “it’s so easy to turn to prostitution.”

Kristina remembers being told at the time, “If you stay in Russia, it will be black and white. If you move to America, it will be in color.” She chose to move to America where she was taken in by a family who have three other adopted children and four more biological kids. Kristina tells Nick that she felt selfish about leaving behind so many other children at the orphanage in order to have a better life. She cries and reaches for her wine glass.

“When I’m with you, I feel like you bring color to my life,” says Nick who has probably never had to finish his leftovers.

But that’s pretty much where the good feelings end this week. Danielle L. and someone named Whitney find out that they’re going on a two-on-one date while the rest — including an incredibly pissed Jasmine — depart for a group date.

There, a game of volleyball sends the women spiraling out of control. Corinne, who is drunk and bad at the game, announces, “I’m going to sleep.” Nick gives her attention and the other women on the date get upset, especially Vanessa and Rachel. “Today was a disaster,” Nick says.

That’s when Jasmine decides to confront Nick. “I’m so mad at him,” she tells the camera. “I like him so much but I want to choke him.” The scene that follows takes a turn for the bizarre. Jasmine brings up her choking threat again, but this time tries to play it off like a fetish. “No girl’s ever choked you before?” she asks before offering to be the first. Nick declares the interaction “a bit awkward” and sends Jasmine home. Raven gets the group date rose.

Back at the house, Danielle L. and someone named Whitney prepare for their two-on-one date. Danielle invents a statistic — “99 percent of the time only one person comes back” — and they take off. Nick talks to Whitney first, rubs her leg and tells her she’s “calming.” But it turns out that isn’t enough to keep her around. “As much as I really want to give it to you, in my heart I feel like I can’t,” Nick sputters.

Danielle is excited and starts professing her love for Nick, but the still-mopey bachelor decides that eliminations should come in threes. “I really feel like we’re on the same page right now,” Danielle tells Nick minutes before being sent home. That couldn’t have been what she meant.

After sending home three women on dates this week, a bleary-eyed Nick walks in to find the final contestants huddled on a couch. He sobs at them about his breakup and leaves. What a week!

Do you think Nick is sending too many women home? Will he ever find love? Who is Whitney? Weigh in below.