In the wake of the “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal that shut down production on the ABC series, contestant Corinne Olympios has hired top Hollywood lawyer Marty SingerVariety has confirmed.

In a statement released to Variety, Olympios breaks her silence, saying: “I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened the night of June 4. Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place, which I understand is why production on the show has now been suspended and a producer on the show has filed a complaint against the production. As a woman, this is my worst nightmare and it has now become my reality. As I pursue the details and facts surrounding that night and the immediate days after, I have retained a group of professionals to ensure that what happened on June 4 comes to light and I can continue my life, including hiring an attorney to obtain justice and seeking therapy to begin dealing with the physical and emotional trauma stemming from that evening.”

The statement officially confirms Olympios as the contestant in question, following a wildfire of unconfirmed tabloid reports that allege she was reportedly heavily under the influence of alcohol and involved in a sexual situation with a male co-star (which Variety has opted not to name, until he speaks out), while “Bachelor in Paradise” cameras were rolling. Since the production shut down, the tabloid press has played out as a he-said-she-said saga with numerous conflicting reports over the past 48 hours.

This past Sunday, Warner Bros. Television, which produces “Bachelor in Paradise” for ABC, announced production had been shut down due to “allegations of misconduct,” though the studio did not offer any further details on the matter. A formal investigation, led by Warner Bros. TV, is currently underway. ABC has declined to comment on the future of the series, which Variety reported Tuesday is nearing an official cancellation.

As for Olympios’ lawyer, Singer of Lavely & Singer is a pit bull attorney who is known for sending ferocious legal threats and representing many troubled A-listers. He reps Charlie Sheen, and his clients have included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Quentin Tarantino, Bryan Singer, Sharon Stone, and John Travolta. He represented Bill Cosby for years until late 2015 during his ongoing sex-abuse lawsuit. This is not Singer’s first battle with Warner Bros. TV — back in 2011, he sued the studio for $100 million on behalf of his client Sheen when he was fired from “Two and a Half Men.”

Variety has learned Olympios has previously been represented by Melanie Cook, a partner at the entertainment firm Ziffren Brittenham, which specializes in transactional law, rather than litigation like Singer. Ziffren confirmed that they still represent Olympios, likely just for contract work, but the company declined to elaborate further on the matter. An insider says Cook referred her client, Olympios, to Singer in light of the recent events.

Olympios is beefing up her team big time — in addition to hiring Singer to take on her case, as of today, the reality star has also started working with veteran Hollywood publicist Stan Rosenfield.