‘Arrow’ Finally Reveals Prometheus’ Identity (SPOILERS)

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve seen Season 5, episode 14 of “Arrow,” titled “Fighting Fire With Fire.”

After months of speculation, Prometheus’ identity has finally been revealed.

Following a fight with Vigilante, Prometheus removes his mask to reveal himself as Star City District Attorney Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra). This may come as a shock to fans of the comics, as Chase’s alter-ego in those is Vigilante himself.

“One of the reasons we did it was because — of course — everyone would be thinking he’d be Vigilante,” executive producer Wendy Mericle said in a call with reporters last week. “We thought it would be a really fun twist to do what we’ve always done on the show, which is to take the comic book mythology and turn it on its head.”

Segarra was as surprised by the twist as anyone.

“I got to Vancouver thinking I was playing Vigilante,” he said with a laugh. “I was reading Vigilante comics and reading about Chase, and I got to work and I was talking to Marc [Guggenheim] like, ‘I’m really doing my research, I’m really being studious about this Vigilante guy,’ and he was like ‘What do you mean? That’s not who you’re playing.'”

While the audience is in the know about the identity of Season 5’s big bad, Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the rest of the team aren’t. Both Mericle and Segarra assured that the wait for their discovery wouldn’t be held until the end of the season, but don’t expect it to be immediate.

“One of the fun things that we’ve done is to allow us to live with that reveal for awhile, and to see the characters not knowing and still continuing to interact with Adrian Chase at City Hall and elsewhere,” Mericle added.

The episode didn’t end with just the identity reveal, but with Chase threatening and supposedly kidnapping Susan Williams, who was romantically involved with Oliver until Thea (Willa Holland) got her fired. Mericle said this was all part of his plans to continue breaking Ollie down.

“He’s going after people Oliver cares about,” she said. “We’ve seen villains do that in the past, but this year Adrian does it in a way that’s a little more specific. He has no drive to kill Oliver, it’s purely based on torture. It’s all part-and-parcel to break Oliver down psychologically.”

“There’s a means-to-an-end for each move that he makes,” Segarra added. “He’s moving pieces. I think that Susan is a very important piece to that puzzle. And Susan may feel betrayed by Oliver, so it’s interesting to see how Chase will navigate those waters — how he can get to his next move.”

Arrow” airs on the CW on Wed. at 8 p.m.

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