SPOILER ALERT: This post contains “Arrow” spoilers. Do not read until you have watched through Season 5, episode 15 titled “Fighting Fire with Fire,” which aired on the CW March 1.

Two weeks ago, “Arrow” answered the season-long question “Who is Prometheus?” with the shocking reveal that it was Star City district attorney Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra).

The reveal happened for no one but the audience, and the episode ended with Chase using his continued anonymity to kidnap Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) ex-girlfriend, journalist Susan Williams (Carly Pope). Variety spoke with Segarra about playing D.A. Chase vs Prometheus Chase, what’s in store for Susan, and more.

How different is Chase the D.A. and Chase as Prometheus? Is he more unhinged as Prometheus?

When he has that mask on I think he allows himself to go — to use the word you used — unhinged. As the actor, I’d see the suit, the mask, the hood, the weaponry, and I’d think what each of these things mean. We’ve seen these things throughout the season. We’ve seen Prometheus — not as Chase in a suit — but with his blades … I feel like both sides influence the other. The Prometheus side is unhinged. It’s full combat. And the other side — as Chase in the office — that man is also here to cause trouble. But you don’t know he’s here to cause trouble.

It looks like more people will be learning Prometheus’ identity this week. Is this by his design?

They do figure out who Prometheus is. If you’re asking me if I think every move Chase makes is on purpose, and everything is playing out exactly as he wants it to, my answer is yes. All of these steps have been made already in his brain, and he’s seen seven different ways they could result. Finding out his identity was inevitable, but for Chase what matters is making sure all the pieces are in place so when that unmasking is revealed, it doesn’t matter.

It’s been mentioned before that Prometheus has no interest in killing Oliver; he just wants to destroy his life. Is there a point where he’ll think Oliver’s life has been sufficiently ruined?

I think the game that’s going on is what drives Chase. Him being in control of every turn that this takes matters to Chase. It’s making sure that Oliver see’s the world around him crumble. The name Prometheus says who this guy is … he stole the powers from the gods. That’s something that Chase is doing. He’s trying to show Oliver that he can control, and take what Oliver thinks is his. When he takes Susan, it’s him going ‘I know she matters to you so I’m going to take her.’

So there’s no big plan for taking Susan? He just does it to prove that he can?

When Chase takes Susan he’s doing it just so Oliver finds out he’s taken Susan. What happens after that, we’ll see.

“Arrow” airs on the CW on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.