‘American Horror Story’: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Featured in ‘Cult’ Opening Credits (Watch)

American Horror Story Cult Opening Credit

The opening credits for “American Horror Story,” which – in keeping with the anthology format of the show – change every season, always lay clues to the overall theme and mystery of that installment’s plot. For “American Horror Story: Cult,” the biggest hints to glean deal with how the recent political climate with come into play in the eagerly anticipated seventh season.

Continuing with the “hive” theme implied by much of the teaser imagery, the credits feature dark close-ups of bees swarming over a surface and crawling out of someone’s skin, as well as characters dressed up in the aforementioned Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks. Ghastly clowns are visible riding a carousel, there is a magician pulling a bloody object out of a hat, and an American flag dripping blood is featured. As series executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall announced during the FX Television Critics Assn. panel for the show, the real world political element will feature into “Cult’s” launch point. Though, the season itself, she said, is designed to be “more about what’s going on in our world around us, the idea of paranoia.”

Posted to “American Horror Story’s” various social media accounts, the opening credits feature a tweaked version of the theme song, adding a hornline over top of the typical synthesized sounds.

The credits also cement the focus on five key cast members: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Cheyenne Jackson returning and Billie Lourd and Alison Pill making their “AHS” debuts. Emma Roberts has also been confirmed as returning, and Lena Dunham has also signed on for “Cult.”

Watch the opening credits below: