PARIS – Amazon Prime Video is in advanced negotiations to take culture-clash comedy series “Germanized,” which would become the streaming giant’s third German series following the cyber-thriller “You Are Wanted” and the Berlin-set gangster drama “4 Blocks.”

Earlier this week, Amazon Prime Video unveiled its acquisition of “4 Blocks,” a German-language TNT Serie Original which world-premiered at the Berlin Film Festival.

“Germanized,” announced last week by Deutsche Telekom, is a half-hour show set in a near-bankrupt French village that welcomes a German company and hundreds of German workers. It is the first original for EntertainTV, Deutsche Telekom’s pay-TV service.

In the last couple of years, Amazon has backed a handful of foreign-language shows around the world. These include “Inside Edge,” a Hindi sports drama; “The Idolmaster KR,” a Korean series; “Kamen Rider Amazons,” an action/horror Japanese series; and the German-language “You Are Wanted.”

Under the deal being discussed for “Germanized,” Amazon Prime Video would launch the show in several territories, alongside EntertainTV, which has it in Germany. The series is being produced by Bavaria Fernsehproduktion (“Das Boot”) and Newen’s production company Telfrance (“Candice Renoir”).

Christoph Maria Herbst (“Stromberg”) and Roxane Duran (“The White Ribbon”) will star in the series, with shooting slated for next spring ahead of a launch in the fourth quarter of 2018. The show was created by French comedy experts Franck Magnier and Alexandre Charlot (“Les Guignols de L’Info”) and Thomas Rogel (“Heute Show”) and Peter Güde (“Stromberg”) from Germany.

A European co-production bringing together creative forces from different nationalities, “Germanized” fits into a strategy that Amazon initiated with Oliver Goldstick’s “The Collection,” a 1950s drama set in the world of Paris high fashion.  “The Collection,” an English-language series, marked the first collaboration between Amazon Studios, BBC Worldwide and France Televisions.

When “Germanized” was announced last week, Jan Kaiser, the managing director of Bavaria Fernsehproduktion, said: “Streaming platforms have profoundly changed the way we consume television series … ‘Germanized’ is our first production for a streaming platform, and we’re positive that this is just the beginning of a long business relationship.”

Tanguy de Franclieu, MD of Newen Studios Group, pointed out that “creation and partnerships involving international and French talents are at the very core of Newen’s strategy.”