‘Supernatural’s’ Alexander Calvert on Relating to the Winchesters and Parallels Between Castiel and Jack

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Alexander Calvert is new to the world of “Supernatural,” but his character was cemented as integral to the show’s overall mythology from the minute he appeared.

The son of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) is half-human and half-angel and has more powers than his father. But while producers of “Supernatural” have pointed out that deep down Jack also carries an ancient wisdom from his heritage, Calvert is focused on portraying the “newborn” nature to the nephilim who is a grown man in stature but a baby when it comes to the awareness of the world. “He’s got a fun optimism,” Calvert says.

In his first episode, Calvert was focused on “getting to enjoy all of the new things he got to experience from a nougat chocolate bar to observing everything for the first time [and] to just notice where the light is.”

Jack claimed Castiel (Misha Collins) as his father, despite being sired by Lucifer, and Calvert can’t deny there have been some parallels in how Jack explores the new world around him to how Castiel did when he first stepped foot on earth in the fourth season of “Supernatural.” “I’m just trying to be truthful about what I think this could be like,” he says of Jack’s exploration.

Without Castiel to guide him, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have stepped in. Although Sam is the one actively trying to help Jack, Calvert shares that he thinks his character feels a connection to both brothers equally.

“What’s interesting to me is each episode is looking to who I relate with more. In some episodes I really relate to [Sam] and in others I really relate to Dean,” he says. “I kind of imitate Dean in how he eats and how he drinks a beer, and there’s these little moments where you kind of see yourself in both parents. Jack’s trying to figure himself out while he’s getting to know the only two real figures in his life.”

The Winchesters will continue to be Jack’s main guide in the story, and though they are not perfect, Calvert says Jack is not looking for an alternative at this point. “He has a lot of empathy for Sam and he really relates to Dean as well because he sees how the loss of Dean’s mom has really affected Dean. Sam is pushing forward and hoping for the best, but Dean is really reeling in these few episodes,” Calvert says.

Jack will, however, start to do his own research into who he is to understand why he can do the things he can do (like heal immediately from tattoos and stab wounds alike). “At this point I’m still focused on the very minutiae of getting to know myself,” Calvert says. “Jack is very curious about his own lineage and the world itself. He’s definitely searching on his own as well as going with Dean and Sam.”

Because there are dangerous beings hunting him, Jack will often be taken along on Sam and Dean’s hunts. The third episode, “Patience,” for example, will see Jack having to “test himself and learn his capabilities” quickly in order to help out when the Winchesters are called to help their family friend Missouri (guest star Loretta Devine) protect her granddaughter (guest star Clark Backo) from a wraith (guest star Jon Cor) who is targeting psychics.

But Calvert says it is a slow process for the “big ball of energy” that is Jack to begin to understand, let alone control the power he has. That means the Winchesters aren’t training him to re-open the rift any time soon, but it also means he isn’t letting the power go to his head.

“I think everybody kind of wants to fit in and searches for someone they can relate to, so I don’t think he’ll just get rid of them. I think he has a real desire and quest to be a part of a family, and they’re it for him,” Calvert says.

Of course, the eventual return of Castiel will throw a curveball into that dynamic. “What would it be like to meet the father you never knew? It would be a pretty incredible moment for Jack,” Calvert says, noting Jack hopes Castiel is someone to whom he will be able to relate even more. “It would help his search to figure out who and what he is.”

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