Alec Baldwin has been appearing as now-President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” for quite a while, but only in the capacity of a guest. On Feb. 11, he’ll return again as host.

This will be Baldwin’s 17th time delivering the monologue from the stage at Studio 8H, giving him a new record for most times hosting the show. Ed Sheeran will be the musical guest for the occasion.

Baldwin’s hosting gig puts a probable tweetstorm from President Trump in the forecast. Nearly every Baldwin appearance as Trump has drawn criticism from the man who now resides a 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Baldwin had offered to stop doing the impersonation if Trump released his tax returns — a bone some 264,235 Americans have to pick with the president, according to one petition at WhiteHouse.gov. However, as of Sunday, Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway (depicted by Kate McKinnon on “SNL”) said Trump would not be releasing his tax returns, breaking with decades of presidential precedent.

The latest episode of “SNL” didn’t have Baldwin-as-Trump, despite airing a mere day after the inauguration. Instead, Beck Bennett as Vladimir Putin addressed America and Trump, telling the President, “You’re not off to a great start, man. I thought you’d be better at this!”