‘Velvet’s’ Atresmedia, Bambú Re-Team for War TV Drama Project ‘Tiempos de Guerra’

Spanish actresses Alicia Borrachero, Verónica Sánchez, attached to new primetime fiction's choral cast

Velvet, from Bambu Producciones
Courtesy of Atresmedia

Spanish broadcast network  Atresmedia is re-teaming with Bambú Producciones, its regular partner on TV primetime fiction hits and creator of Netflix’s first original series in Spain, to develop war drama “Tiempos de guerra” (Times of War), their follow-up to successful period TV series “Velvet,” broadcast by Atresmedia’s core channel Antena 3.

Based on an original idea by Bambú co-founder Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira, “Tiempos de guerra” is set during the 1921 Spain-Morocco war. It tells the story of the work of a group of nurses, high-society’s ladies and young girls, sent by Spain’s Queen Victoria Eugenia to care the hundreds of wounded soldiers arriving at hospitals in the Spanish enclave of Melilla, in north Africa.

Spanish actresses Alicia Borrachero (“Under Suspicion,” “The Embassy”) and Verónica Sánchez (“El Caso,” “Sin identidad”) are attached to the new project as part of what will be a choral cast, Atresmedia announced the series on Monday, on the eve of NATPE.

The series will predictably go into production before spring, the company added.

“Tiempos de guerra” continues a fruitful and stable relationship between Atresmedia and Bambú, which includes recent milestones for Spanish TV fiction sector such as “Velvet,” a romantic drama sold by Betafilm who wrapped in December on Antena 3’s primetime, averaging a standout 21.7% audience share and 3.6 million viewers in its fourth and final season.

“Tiempos de guerra” kicks off in July 1921, with the Spanish government battling to hold its position in Northern Africa’s Rif region against rebellious Moroccan soldiers. Spain suffers a historic defeat, suffering thousands of casualties. At the Melilla hospital, nurses and doctors will struggle to save the lives of the wounded soldiers, sharing their hopes and falling in love.

Alicia Borrachero will star as Carmen de Angoloti, Duchess of Victoria and general inspector of Spanish hospitals in the Morocco protectorate, a valiant and patient professional who enjoyed the full trust of the Queen Victoria Eugenia.

Verónica Sánchez limns Pilar Muñiz de Zárate, an indefatigable – and beautiful – woman scarred by the early death of her husband, who comes to the war front as a way to re-set her own life.

Launched 2006 by Campos and Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Bambú Producciones has rapidly become one of the most successful primetime TV drama producers in Spain – which didn’t go unnoticed for European production-distribution giant Studiocanal, who last year took a 33% stake in the company, part of a consolidation in the Spanish TV market.

Bambú is producing Netflix’s first TV drama in Spain, an at least officially untitled series, tracking for a worldwide release in 2017. Also set in the 1920s, the drama centers on four women from different backgrounds hired as switchboard operators at Spain’s sole telephone company, situated in central Madrid.