Telemundo has snagged U.S. broadcast rights to upcoming documentary “Escobar’s World,” which will feature new footage of the late Colombian drug kingpin. Escobar’s son features heavily in the two-parter and has told Variety it will have new and revealing information about the life and death of his father and his alleged links to U.S. government agencies.

The History channel in Latin America has also pre-bought the documentary.

Juan Pablo Escobar, since renamed Sebastian Marroquin, previously appeared in 2010’s “Sins of My Father,” which was about his attempts to meet some of the victims of his father’s bloody campaign against the authorities. The new film is an attempt to shed new light on his father’s life using recently unearthed archives and fresh interviews, Marroquin said.

“There is a lot out there about my father, but a lot of it isn’t true,” he said. “I have spoken to people who were close to him; I have the information. When I was in ‘Sins of My Father,’ I was afraid about what I would say, but I’m not afraid anymore to tell the real story. Everyone thinks they know a lot about my father, but no one really knows about his relationship with the CIA and DEA. No one really knows how he died.”

Marroquin worked with Montreal-based Trio Orange Productions, which is making the documentary. The series is still in production and will be delivered in September. Beyond Distribution is selling it internationally and closed the pre-sales in the U.S. and Latin America.

“We are proud to partner with Beyond Distribution on this biopic about one of the most complex villains of our time,” said Luis Silberwasser, president of Telemundo and Universo Networks. “At Telemundo, we pride ourselves in finding the best untold stories for the U.S. Hispanic market.”

“People think they know everything from watching ‘Narcos’ on Netflix, but this documentary will highlight some harsh truths that have never been revealed until now,” said Beyond Distribution’s Sherry Fynbo.

Marroquin, who now lives in Buenos Aires, also took aim at “Narcos,” saying it inaccurately portrayed his father’s life. “I approached them before the first season but they were not interested. They thought they knew more than the family,” he said.