BARCELONA — Spain’s Secuoya Group, Focus Group and Scenic Rights are developing historic thriller “The Survivors” a TV series inspired by the true story of the survivors from Che Guevara’s guerrilla fighting force in Bolivia, and their perilous escape from the CIA and the Bolivian army after Che Guevara’s arrest and execution on Oct. 8, 1967.

U.S. producer and writer Noah Evslin has boarded the project as the series’ showrunner. Evslin has served  as co-producer on ABC shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” He penned episodes of “Colony” and “Private Practice” and also worked as a history professor at the University of Hawaii.

Series recreates the escape of the six survivors (three from Cuba, the rest from Bolivia) who formed part of the guerrilla force that revolutionary hero Ernesto “Che” Guevara formed in Bolivia.

Cubans Dariel Alarcón, Leonardo Tamayo and Harry Villegas and Bolivia’s David Adriazola, Inti Peredo and Julio Méndez Korne embarked upon an epic flight which lasted months, from Bolivia’s jungle, cities and hamlets to Chile, Easter Island, Tahiti, Singapore, Paris, Prague and Moscow Five of them eventually reached Fidel Castro’s Havana.

A large TV production, services and broadcast group, Secuoya Group has operations in Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru. It launched a new free-to-air channel –Ten– in Spain a year ago. Secuoya’s two main subsidiary companies are Secuoya Contenidos and docu-focused New Atlantis.

In its highest-profile international venture, Secuoya has teamed with Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín’s Fábula to launch Chile-based Fabula TV.

The screenplay for “Survivors” will be based on research and several books whose rights have been acquired by Spain’s Scenic Rights, according to Sydney Borjas, Scenic Rights Managing Director, who added its producers intended to make three seasons of ten episodes each.

The first season will crisscross three storylines: the first one will chronicle the last 60 days of Che Guevara’s life leading up to his capture and execution; the second storyline will be focused on the CIA agents tasked with the duty of bringing Che to justice; and the third will follow the six survivors of Che Guevara’s Bolivian Revolution who escaped the CIA’s chase and travelled around the world to bring Guevara’s message and –the most important thing– his diary to Fidel Castro in Cuba so that his revolution could survive without him.

Prague-based TV production outfit Dramedy Productions (“The First Republic”) is also involved as co-producer.

A talent agency company Scenic Rights is a subsidiary of Focus Group, a leading Barcelona and Madrid-based sectoral leader producing works for the stage and also films and TV formats based on prestigious dramatic and literary pieces.

Cuban lawyer and producer Lía Rodríguez (Pavel Giroud’s “The Companion”) will be acting as associate producer of “Survivors” project. L-A.-based Pilar de Posadas will be another associate producer.

Evslin is represented by Original Artists and Echo Lake Entertainment.