Mipcom: Amazon Prime Video Swoops on TV Azteca’s ‘Bad Maids,’ ‘ Two Lakes’

U.S. streaming giant acquires to broadcast both over Latin America

Amazon Prime Video Swoops on TV

In the run-up to Mipcom, Amazon Prime Video has swooped on two of the flagship shows of Mexico’s TV Azteca, taking Latin American VOD streaming rights to forced surrogacy melodrama “Las malcriadas” (Bad Maids” and “Dos Lagos” (Two Lakes).

“Bad Maids” will be exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video from Oct. 15 with episodes added week on Fridays. N date has been set as yet for “Two Lakes.”

Executive produced by Joshua Mintz, “Bad Maids” is a prime example of the social edge which TV Azteca is attaching to series, turning on a young journalist who discovers that her birth mother was a domestic worker who worked in her very home. Passing herself off as as servant at the very same agency where her mother once worked, she begins to probe the criminal organization behind the agency as she falls in love with a detective also investigating the case.

Mintz describes “Bad Maids” as an “innovative series that uses fiction to touch on the very sensitive real-life topics about domestic service, the lack of worth that it represents and the many crimes that can happen under the camouflage of work placement agencies.” These include “robbery, child trafficking, prostitution and womb-renting,” he added.

Launching in Latin America last December, five years after Netflix, Amazon Prime Video only saw Amazon Prime’s delivery service up-and-running this March in Mexico. The TV Azteca deal marks one of the first publicly announced between a key local player in Latin America and Amazon Prime Video which has a huge disadvantage currently with Netflix among global SVOD services in Latin America. This summer Ted Sarandos confirmed 50 – no less – Netflix Latin American original productions or branded licensed productions in development through 2018.


As it battles for what is called a “re-positioning” by TV Azteca CEO Benjamin Salas, the TV Azteca CEO who delivers a Mipcom keynote next Monday, TV Azteca has made a point of broadcasting contemporary fare, often with a large appeal to female audiences.  One example, selected for April’s MipDrama Latam Screenings, has been “Iron Lady,” a drama-action TV series in which a female judge, aka the ‘Iron Prosecutor,’ battles a heinous drug-lord who has destroyed her family.

A short format series – just 13 episodes – by any standard of just a few years ago, “Two Lakes” is produced by TV Azteca and 20th Century Fox, based on miniseries “Lightfields.”

Co-executive produced by Salas and Roberto Gonzalez Pesquiera, “Two Lakes” is a multi-generational chiller-melodrama about the same family inhabiting the same country house in 1944, 1975 and 2015 which comes to be haunted by the spirit of a girls who died in mysterious circumstances in 1944.