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MICA: Mexico’s Leyenda Brings to the Market TV Series ‘La Amenaza Roja’

The Mexican production company pitched the drama at Mexico’s MICA market with digital platforms in mind

Ramiro Ruíz

Following on “Diablo Guardián,” Ramiro Ruiz, producer of Alonso Ruizpalacios’ “Güeros,” one of the standout Latin American movie debuts of the decade, is preparing a new TV series with Legend Films partner José Nacif: an everyman masked vigilante drama entitled “La Amenaza Roja.” (The Red Threat).

The project was pitched at Mexico City’s 2nd Mercado e Industria de Cine y el Audiovisual (MICA), which wrapped Sunday.

Launched early 2014, Leyenda Films’ Ramiro Ruiz and José Nacif have individually or tightener been associated with some of the most interesting film and TV titles from Mexico: “Güeros,” which was one of the best-selling titles if the then IM Global-owned Mundial Films. “Diablo Guardián,” Catalina Aguilar Mastretta “Everybody Loves Somebody,” which pulled in box office in excess of $6 million, “Alba,” one of Mexico’s best exports, and Ruizpalacios’s “Museo,” featuring Mexican superstar Gael García Bernal and one of Britain’s top theatrical talents Simon Russell Beale and one of the most anticipated Mexican films of 2018.

“La Amenaza Roja” tells the story of Juan, an ordinary citizen of Mexico City and super-fan of soccer and lucha libre, as loyal to his friends as he is to his team.

After a devastating car accident, Juan is pieced back together by doctors to become not dissimilar to Frankenstein’s monster or “The Six Million Dollar Man.” With his body a heap of scar tissue and new-found super strength, Juan escapes the hospital to live a destitute life on the streets of Mexico City, until tragedy strikes and Juan puts on a luchador mask of his own to become the Red Threat, a hero from and for the streets.

On the surface Juan looks a modern-day Batman on a budget. But, where Batman fought against an evil based in Freudian psychological deviancy, The Red Threat will be fighting against social evils and political corruption, and on a much smaller scale. A hero more relevant to our time.

The dark humor of the series and its easy to digest 10-part 35 minute-episode format were decided on with digital platforms in mind, reinforcing its likelihood of finding an international audience.

Leyenda has gone in-house to secure the series’ direction, enlisting their own Luis Lance and Rodrigo Santos to helm the series’ first season.

Lance has written and directed a number of shorts, including last year’s “Amor Plástico,” which won the National Contest of Short Film Projects hosted by Mexico’s Imcine film institute. “La Amenaza Roja” was originated by Lance and he will be show-running as well as directing.

Santos was previously one of the producers for Leyenda of “Diablo Guardian,” and his 2008 short “Lifetime Warranty” won awards in Prague and Morelia. He has spent recent years working as an editor and producer on other shorts, advertisements and TV.