Los Angeles-based Dynamic Television is joining forces with Grid Labs and Element 8 Entertainment to produce and distribute “Stryx,” a live-action TV series adaptation of best-selling French graphic novel “Le Chants des Stryges.”

“Stryx” is being written by John Harrison, a renown writer/director of science fiction and horror who frequently collaborated with George A. Romero and worked on the Emmy-winning adaptation of “Dune” and Netflix’s mini-series “Residue,”

Holly Hines, senior VP of original content for Dynamic, described John Harrison as “a master story-teller.”

“Stryx” follows a disgraced American secret agent on the run who teams up with a mysterious female mercenary in his effort to clear his name. Together they uncover a web of powerful interests that transcend governments, and a race of super creatures that have long inhabited the Earth.

The series is based on “Le Chants des Stryges,” 17-volume series which was published by Delcourt Group, has sold millions of copies over the last 20 years and spawned five spin-off series totaling 42 books, according to Dynamic.

The franchise has been translated into nine languages with the English language version available on Amazon’s comiXology.

Daniel March and Hines of Dynamic will serve as executive producers along with Mark Mertens and Peter Lories from Grid Labs and Jin Ishimoto, Harvey Myman and Patty Ishimoto from Element 8.

“It is rare to find a wonderful intellectual property that, while originating in Europe, has all the inherent qualities to expand into a global phenomenon, with unique characters, riveting action and great commercial potential,” said Mertens.