Anima Kitchent and Televisa’s ‘Cleo & Cuquín’ Sold to Discovery Kids Latin America (EXCLUSIVE)

Based on the iconic Spanish toon hit 'Telerin Family,' the series has just been acquired by RTVE's Clan in Spain

Courtesy of Ánima Kitchent

In a high-profile pan-regional deal, Discovery Kids Latin America has picked up broadcasting rights to pre-school toon series “Cleo & Cuquín,” a co-production between Madrid-based Anima Kitchent and Mexico’s giant Televisa, and an adaptation of the iconic Spanish hit “Telerin Family.”

Discovery Kids Latin America will start to air the series in the fall.

This pact follows the announcement last week of “Cleo & Cuquín’s” acquisition by pubcaster RTVE’s children TV service Clan in Spain.

“Telerin Family” was a cartoon and jingle daily broadcast, created by Spaniards José Luis and Santiago Moro, aired on RTVE’s core channel TVE1. The strip, in which six brothers and sisters tell children that it’s time to go to bed, became highly popular in Spain and Mexico during the ’70s and ’80s.

The new shows focus on how the curiosity of the youngest brother, Cuquín, leads to daily mishaps, while elder sister Cleo has to come up with creative solutions to get Cuquín out of trouble.

Also co-produced and partnered by Barcelona-based Selecta Visión and the Moro Family’s company MAI, “Cleo & Cuquín” represents a  transformation from a short-format animated TV series into a transmedia narrative with a whole new look and a global brand and licensing strategy.

Currently in production, “”Cleo & Cuquín” started out on YouTube, where it continues to punch outstanding results, and comprises web content, a series of 52 seven-minute episodes and two apps.

Prior to series’ fall launch, the show generated outstanding results in YouTube with just 15 music video clips, which chalked up over 400 million views and near one million subscribers in only a year-and-a-half. On the back of this success, Ánima Kitchent is producing new video clips throughout 2017.

“’Cleo & Cuquín’ is conceived as a transmedia content that aims to be an entertainment brand,” said Ánima Kitchent CEO, Víctor M. López.

Recently, toy manufacturing giant Mattel was awarded the worldwide master toy licensee for the series. A first product line will be launched in Mexico by Christmas, preceded by TV series broadcast in the country.

“This property is been produced to appeal to an international market,” said Maca Rotter, managing director of Televisa Consumer Products. “Definitely there is a market opportunity because in Latin America and Spain it is well-known but the main idea of this property is to be anywhere,” she added.

Launched in 2014, Anima Kitchent is a joint-venture created by Latin American animation powerhouse Anima Estudios with former executives at Spanish toon company Vodka Capital.