Mipcom: Spain’s Imira Entertainment Closes Wide-Ranging International Distribution Deal with Nickelodeon for Korean Animated Series ‘Zelly Go’

Korea's obsessive little blue men will now be seen in more than 150 territories globally

Zelly Go
Imira Entertainment

CANNES — In an event which is far from frequent, Spain based Imira Entertainment has closed a 150-territory pay TV distribution deal with Viacom International Media’s Nickelodeon International for Korean Dream Factory Studio series “Zelly Go.”

The deal includes more than 150 territories in the European, Middle East, African, Latin American and Asian markets on pay-TV formats.

An animated comedy, the series turns on a group of funny blue men who are obsessed with jelly beans, and focuses on their over-the-top efforts to get their hands on a massive gumball machine full of the candies.

With offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Vitoria, Imira Entertainment is a leading European company, owned by India’s Toonz, in the international distribution of kids and family content. The company focuses on programming aimed at pre-school and pre-teen children in both live action and animation and maintains a catalog of more than 150 titles across numerous formats.

In a statement, Imira CEO Sergi Reitg said: “We are very pleased with the agreement with Nickelodeon International, as ‘Zelly Go’ fits perfectly with the channel’s current content. When we discovered ‘Zelly Go’ in the creative and fruitful Korean animation industry, we immediately knew that it had all the elements necessary to become an international success.”

Dream Factory Studio CEO Kim continued: “I think this agreement is a credit to the excellent production capabilities of Dream Factory Studio. We hope that this achievement will serve as a springboard to the international market, and give visibility to the potential of Korean animation. We would like thank all our partners for their strength and enthusiasm.”

Imira is presenting “Zelly Go” this week at Mipcom, along with seven other new premium series.