Discop Africa Profile: Nicole Amarteifio Takes ‘An African City’ to American Auds

Hit web series creator eyes networks, streamers in U.S.

Nicole Amarteifio Takes ‘An African City’
Bob Pixel/Emmanuel Bobbie/An African City Ltd.

JOHANNESBURG  — Nicole Amarteifio broke the mold when her hit web series “An African City” premiered in 2014. Despite the debt it owed to shows like “Sex and the City” and Issa Rae’s “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” the series offered an unabashed, unfiltered portrait of four single African women dating, climbing the corporate ladder, and pushing cultural norms in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. “An African City” became a runaway hit by upending traditional narratives about the continent: the first season has racked up more than 3.4 million views to date on YouTube, while season two was picked up by Nigeria’s EbonyLife TV and A+, Canal Plus’ premium pan-African entertainment channel. Amarteifio has been busily shopping around season three to American networks and streaming platforms while fielding calls from Hollywood talent reps. She’s found time to get behind the camera, too, recently wrapping her first feature film, “Before the Vows.”