‘Dark Matter’: Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Action-Packed Season 3 Premiere

This summer could surely use an injection of solid science-fiction action involving rogue teams, purloined tech and a smart, resilient robot.

That’s one way of saying that “Dark Matter” returns for its third Syfy season Friday, with two episodes airing starting at 8 p.m. (At 10 p.m., the second season of “Wynonna Earp” arrives, and look for that review later this week.)

Variety has an exclusive — and extensive — clip from the “Dark Matter” season premiere, in which two members of the crew of the good ship Raza square off with their former friend, Ryo Ishida.

It’d be tacky to give away too much about the new season, but suffice to say that the going is still tough for the motley collection of individuals aboard the Raza who, in the series premiere, all woke up aboard the ship with no memories of who they were or how they got there. They all share a taste for rebellion and independence, however, and have formed a series of alliances as time as gone by, among themselves and with other powerful but untrustworthy entities in their corner of the universe.

When it comes to their identities and pasts, much has been revealed in the past two seasons, and along the way, the Raza team, which hires itself out for mercenary work, has became one of the most feared and admired crews around. In the new season, the team is split apart and challenged in a host of new ways — to some degree due to the existence of the powerful Blink Drive they once possessed — but the quips and kicks continue to fly. 

And by the way, if quips, kicks and space adventures are your thing, Syfy’s “Killjoys” returns for its third season June 30, a day that cannot come soon enough (and it’s no shocker that “Dark Matter” and “Killjoys” make for an enjoyable double bill). Staying on the sidelines as bounty hunters won’t be enough for the “Killjoys” team when that show returns; as the third season begins, they’re preparing for war in the J Star System.

“Dark Matter” and “Wynonna Earp” return 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Friday on Syfy; “Killjoys” returns 8 p.m. June 30 on Syfy.