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Step inside the unassuming Sherman Oaks office building and the color scheme gives away its occupant: “Jane the Virgin” exec producer Jennie Snyder Urman creates her CW dramedy there. “I wanted it to be the palette of the [resort] Marbella because it makes me relaxed, just to keep me in the spirit of the show,” Urman says of the office close enough to her home that she can visit her children during the workday. “This is as close as I’ll get [to the beach] so I wanted to feel it!”

Task Master
Balancing work and family is a priority for Urman, so she keeps her son’s lengthy to-do list front-and-center. “He was like, ‘These are all of the things I want to do when you’re not working,’” Urman says of 7-year-old Theo, who counted down the days until his mom was on hiatus from her 15- to 17-hour production days, planning mini golf, ice skating and shopping at Target. Urman’s daughter is also well-represented: A photo of Poppy, 5 years old, adorns the same bulletin board. “She came out looking like Elvis,” jokes the showrunner of her then-newborn’s hair.

Artist in Residence
“People now get them for me as gifts,” Urman says of her impressive collection of adult coloring books stacked on her desk next to a large cup of colored pencils. “I was spending too much time online shopping,” she says of the less-expensive procrastination habit that she says helps her re-focus in the editing room. Among her collection is a book on butterflies and home décor, though there’s no “Jane the Virgin” character book. “We tried. I think it was a legal thing,” explains a CBS TV Studios spokesperson.

Date Night
Urman’s son had a date night with “Jane” star Gina Rodriguez at the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” premiere in December 2015 in Hollywood. Urman, who raves about Rodriguez’s leadership skills both on and off set, says the Golden Globe-winning star was excited to hang out with 7-year-old Theo. “She was like, ‘Trust me, I got him!’” Urman remembers. But her son may have been a bit overexcited: “He ran out of there yelling, ‘Han Solo died!’ ”