How Golden Globes Party Planners Hope to Prevent Shuttlegate Sequel

Golden Globes Shuttle Lines
Andrew Wallenstein/Twitter

Last year’s Golden Globes after-parties were most memorable for how hard they were to get into — even for invited guests. Heightened security saw the vast majority of invitees funneled through a shuttle service running from Century City to the Beverly Hilton. That system proved fatally flawed, with some guests waiting as long as three hours to get in, and others abandoning their party plans to head home.

This year, organizers are taking steps to prevent a repeat of the phenomenon that prompted the Twitter hashtag #Shuttlegate.

The Beverly Hilton, home to the annual Globes ceremony, will host four parties Sunday night: Amazon, HBO, NBCUniversal, and the Warner Bros.-InStyle joint party. Guests attending those events will be asked to park at the garage at 2030 Century Park West, then take a shuttle bus to the Hilton. The Fox and Netflix-Weinstein Co. parties will be held next door to the Hilton at 9900 Wilshire Blvd., the former Robinson-May department store site being developed by Wanda Group. Organizers of those parties will run their own separate security and transportation.

Last year, guests queued up in one line at the Century City garage to pass through one of two metal detectors to get on one of eight buses running to and from to the Hilton.

This year, organizers will attempt to break that bottleneck.

“We have been working with all concerned parties throughout the past year to develop a transportation plan that will allow the guests attending the events surrounding the Golden Globes to be transported in a timely manner, while still maintaining the safety and security of our guests,” Sandy Murphy, general manager at the Beverly Hilton told Variety in a statement. “We have increased the number of shuttles, given dedicated space to each after party, as well as reworked the path of travel. We are looking forward to celebrating a successful 74th Golden Globes, live from the Beverly Hilton on January 8, 2017.”

This year each of the Hilton’s four onsite parties will have its own line. Each line will have its own security check-in and security screening area. There will also be two metal detectors at the front of each line — a 300% increase in metal-detection capacity. The number of buses running between Century City and the Hilton will increase by 50%.

Last year’s #Shuttlegate crisis — so dire that professional actresses were driven to discard their heels and tread barefoot across parking-garage floors — was the source of such industry angst that party hosts convened a meeting with officials from the Hilton and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in the Globes’ wake to immediately begin planning for this year’s festivities. The Hilton anticipates transporting 1,000 fewer guests along its shuttle routes this year, as Fox and Netflix-Weinstein Co. guests will travel along separate routes.

Fox guests will park at the studio’s lot in Century City. Netflix has not yet notified all confirmed guests of parking details.

Hilton buses will enjoy “expedited passage” through security checkpoints and travel primarily along roads closed to other vehicles, Murphy said via email. “We anticipate this years’ experience to be five star and encourage guests to use this new upgraded arrival process.”

Shuttles from Century City will begin running at 8:30 p.m., half an hour after the Globes ceremony is scheduled to end.