Kathryn Hahn, star of Amazon comedy series “I Love Dick” and a supporting actress nominee for her role on “Transparent,” is “still in a place of being so excited to be able to get dressed up” for the Emmys. She’s come a long way from the girl who first attended as a friend’s plus-one, but staying true to who she is remains her utmost style goal. “My favorite looks are the ones that feel like a woman is just rooted into herself,” says Hahn, whose Emmy fashion choices veer toward the “pared-down” vs. “screaming-look-at-me.” “If I could just feel authentic, I would be really psyched. Just to feel like myself but sexier.”

A newly transplanted New Yorker, Hahn — who quickly landed a role on NBC’s “Crossing Jordan” after training at Yale School of Drama — first attended the Emmys as the date of friend and casting director Steven O’Neill. “I literally just wore what I actually had in my closet!” says Hahn, who’d snagged the black Courreges dress on sale from Toronto department store Holt Renfrew while filming “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” “I wore way too much tanning spray on my legs; I did — obviously — my own hair and makeup; and I was self-styled,” Hahn says. And while she was sitting so far away she “could have been at the circus,” the native Midwesterner felt like she was on the outside looking in but still managed to get noticed. “I randomly had a picture of myself in the L.A. Times, which was hilarious,” she says.

By now, things had changed for Hahn, who attended the Emmys with “Transparent” and worked with a stylist. “I just fell so in love with the cut of that dress,” she says of this Vivienne Westwood design — for which she, admittedly, “did get some flak.” Hahn says: “Now I see it does definitely have some kind of a tapestry, curtain-y feel, but in person, it was the chicest thing I’d put on.” Then came the heat. “There was so much sweat on my person, if I reached down between my boobs, I could have taken out a handful of just pure liquid,” says Hahn, who most remembers the pride she felt in representing “Transparent.” “The whole thing made me proud to be a human, that people had embraced that show the way they did.”

“Last year, I was like, ‘Well, since it was so hot the first time around, I might as well go for floor-length green velvet!’” Hahn discovered this Wai Ming gown during a fitting in New York months prior — “of course forgetting weather,” she says. “But I just thought it was so chic and pretty and kind of casual.” The dress exposed more “side boob” than she’d anticipated, and her shoes were exquisitely painful. But she came prepared: “I usually bring a pair of Birkenstocks or hotel slippers with me, and my sweet husband will keep them in his jacket somewhere, and I will change into them at some point during the night.”