Cast members descended upon the Regal Cinema at L.A. Live on Monday night as the theater played host to the spooky Halloween comedy “Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween.”

The latest film in the franchise features the fan favorite character Madea traveling to a haunted forest full of chainsaw murderers, ghost girls, and frat boys.

Among the stars who attended the carpet were “Madea” alum Cassie Davis, former MMA fighter and star Tito Ortiz, and writer/director/star Tyler Perry.

“To all of the Academy voters in the room: you ain’t gonna like this s—,” Perry joked when introducing the film. “But to everybody who just wants to laugh at this film, there is so much darkness going on in our country and in our industry that makes you go, ‘Jesus, what is going on?’ I wanted to do a movie that is just 100 minutes of silly, non-stop laughter.”

Perry also commented on the Harvey Weinstein scandal that has rocked the entertainment industry, saying “everybody says it was an open secret, but I had no idea. I think it’s absolutely horrible and I applaud all these women for coming forward and standing up.” Perry previously starred in “Gone Girl” alongside Ben Affleck, who also recently made headlines following a resurfaced sexual harassment allegation.

As for Perry’s latest film, its stars promised to bring faith and family fun to the big screen.

“Madea is someone who is relatable and says a lot of things that people would like to, but just can’t,” actor Brock O’Hurn said. “I wouldn’t say she’s the best role model, but in all of the ‘Madea’ movies, she touches on family, faith, and forgiveness, and it’s such an amazing thing.”

“Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” opens on Friday.