The cast and creators of Fox’s “The Last Man on Earth” gathered on the Dream On yacht in Marina Harbor Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the upcoming Season 4 premiere of the post-apocalyptic comedy.

The first two episodes of Season 4 were screened with the caveat from creator Will Forte that post-production effects had not quite been finished yet, which became abundantly clear when a certain establishing shot featured the watermark “Getty Images.”

The upcoming season picks up immediately after the Season 3 finale, with Kristen Wiig’s Pamela joining Forte’s Phil “Tandy” Miller and friends as they set sail along the coast with the eventual destination of Mexico. Things go awry almost immediately, however, as the unstable Pamela begins to wreck havoc. Fans can also look forward to a cameo in the premiere episode from a well-known comedian, who Forte requested not be named.

Forte said he and the other writers were working hard to create new stories in the upcoming season. “We try to keep switching things up and moving forward and doing things we haven’t tried before,” he said. “[We have] a special episode where another old friend makes an extended appearance and that’s very exciting. And then you know, end of the season, who knows if we’re coming back for a fifth. We might be looking at the last few episodes, which have all of us and another pretty exciting surprise.”

Kristen Schaal, who plays Carol Pilbasian, Tandy’s currently pregnant wife, said she hopes audiences appreciate how innovative the show is.

“I think this is one of the most challenging shows to write for because you’re creating a whole new world out of nothing without a society or any of the storylines you’re used to in a sitcom,” she explained. “Like, oh they’ll go get a job or try this new thing, it’s just completely inventing every episode.”

Chris Elliott has also joined the cast of Season 4 as Glen. The original cast agreed that working with Elliot and Wiig was a highlight of filming the new season.

“I love watching them work,” said Mel Rodriguez, who plays Todd. “I would just sit by the monitors and watch. They’re both such great comedic actors. But they were just energetically really nice to have around because they’re really good people. It’s always nice to have some new blood.”

The cast also emphasized how familial they are. “The thing that’s so great about this show is that we really are a family,” said Mary Steenburgen, who plays Gail. “We stay in touch all the time, we see each other socially a lot, we’re very connected so all these relationships don’t feel like you’re an actor acting.”

January Jones, who plays Melissa, was also hand to celebrate, as well as Keith L. Williams (Jasper) and Cleopatra Coleman (Erica). Steenburgen also brought along her husband Ted Danson to join the festivities.

Season 4 of “The Last Man on Earth” premieres Oct. 1.