If someone had predicted back in 1996 that Snoop Dogg or Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man would be hosting a game show on national television in 2017, you’d wonder what they’d been smoking.

Two decades later, the pair are on the black carpet outside the Dream Hollywood Hotel Thursday night touting the Oct. 24 premieres of their new TBS game shows, “Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker’s Wild” and James Corden’s “Drop the Mic,” yet another musical spinoff from his late-night talk show.

Growing up in Long Beach, Snoop admits being a game show host wasn’t in his career plans. “I used to watch it growing up with my grandmother,” he said. “It was my goal to bring it back to life with an urban, hip-hop edge, something everyone can enjoy.”

Corden’s “Drop the Mic” pits unlikely emcees such as Randall Park, Gina Rodriguez, Chrissy Metz and Rob Gronkowski in a competition somewhere between a rap battle and celebrity roast.

“I think the Streets’ Mike Skinner is a genius,” said Corden about the storied U.K. rapper, which more than proves the self-declared middle-class English kid’s hip-hop bona fides. “There’s a musicality to rap, but its real power is the culture behind it. But this is a comedy, entertainment show.”

Method Man, the rapper/actor who’ll co-host with Hailey Baldwin, is confident the show doesn’t trivialize the genre. “It’s a slippery slope,” he admits, “But anything that can expand the audience for hip-hop is worth it. We’re about to put rap in your grandpa’s hands and, hopefully, he’ll check out some of the harder stuff and understand how this genre has lasted as long as it has.”

Afterwards, at the rooftop Highlight Room with its 360-degree view of the Hollywood skyline and lighted pool, Snoop shared a burning blunt with Method Man as TBS executives took photos and did their own boasting – promising a hip-hop takeover of Tuesday nights.