Wednesday night, the stars of the Weinstein Co.’s “The Founder” aligned for the Los Angeles premiere at the ArcLight Hollywood.

Along with director John Lee Hancock, producer Jeremy Renner and stars Nick Offerman, B.J. Novak, John Carroll Lynch, and Laura Dern, Michael Keaton spoke on the red carpet about his attraction to the story behind the McDonald’s fast food chain.

“It’s just a good story and a good role, and John Lee Hancock,” reasoned Keaton.

Keaton also wanted to clear the air following the infamous #HiddenFences hashtag that was launched after his gaffe at the 2017 Golden Globes.

“I have a very limited social media presence,” the actor confessed to Variety. After explaining that he was oblivious to the existence of memes, he offered a sincere apology saying, “I’m very, very sorry about that.”

Initially, “The Founder” star didn’t grasp the uproar noting, “I get that people thought I was nonchalant about it. At the time I totally didn’t understand what people were talking about, but since then somebody said, ‘Well they’re upset for this other reason’ – and that made me feel horrible.”

Taking the backlash into consideration, he further clarified that misreading the monitor did not come from a place of ill will. “They’re incorrect in their assumption, but it doesn’t matter that they’re wrong. If someone feels badly that’s all that matters.”

Beyond the audience members, Keaton felt the family members of Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae were also deserving of an apology. “Those people in the movie who worked all that time in front of millions of people, I, like a jerk, screwed the line up. What I always think about is they have mothers and sisters and brothers and fathers that are sitting at home waiting for them and watching them and this guy, me, gets up and gives the wrong title. That makes me feel terrible. You feel badly about those things.”

After the screening, the cast continued celebrating the film at Delilah restaurant.

“The Founder” is set for a wide release Jan. 20.