The National Hockey League announced its 100 greatest players of all time at a gala Friday evening at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles. The event was hosted by “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm, who was joined by stars such as Alyssa Milano and Michael J. Fox.

The unranked list of 100 players, announced chronologically by era, was compiled by executives media members of the NHL, as well as former athletes. The gala is one of several celebrations organized by the NHL to celebrate its centennial.

Many of the celebrities in attendance were huge hockey fans themselves, including Hamm. The actor felt “humbled” to host such a monumental evening for the NHL, as he has been going to hockey matches for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve been going to games since I was probably six or seven years old,” Hamm said. “My dad used to take me to the old arena [in St. Louis], because back in the ’70s tickets weren’t that expensive and we could just go on a whim.”

The St. Louis native also noted superstar Brett Hull as his favorite player growing up.

“[Hull] was right in the wheelhouse when I was growing up and a young hockey fan. There were a lot of great players on the [St. Louis] Blues. I had a lot of favorites growing up but ‘Hully’ was the face of the Blues for the longest.”

Though Hamm is no stranger to the screen, he is still a novice when it comes to playing host. However, he stated that the evening is about “the players and their feats” and feels confident that NHL fans would approve of the list compiled by the league.

“If we were to get a group of a thousand hockey fans, I would imagine they would agree on these 100 people,” he said.

View the full list of top players here.