Sitcom kingpin Chuck Lorre and former “Daily Show” executive producer David Javerbaum set their new multi-camera comedy “Disjointed” in a marijuana dispensary. The cast and creatives celebrated the show’s premiere with a screening at the Netflix Theatre, followed by a party on the terrace of NeueHouse Hollywood.

Kathy Bates leads an ensemble that includes Tone Bell, Nicole Sullivan, Aaron Moten, Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Alderfer, and Elizabeth Ho. Bates talked about tackling the lead role of dispensary owner Ruth. “It was such an honor to work with Chuck,” she told Variety. “We had so much fun on ‘Two and a Half Men’ when I did an episode. They came to me about a year and a half ago and I really wanted to be at the center of things and have a great part and they came up with Ruth.”

As an industry veteran, Bates also learned a lot working on the comedy. “Chuck and David taught me patience,” she said. “This is not something they set out to do but they brought me home. I hadn’t been in front of a live audience for 25 years and to have this experience of almost doing a play each week in front of a live audience is such a gift. I loved every minute of it and I really hope we get picked up for a second season.”

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Javerbaum was equally effusive when he talked about working on his first multi-camera comedy and getting Bates to star. “It’s a dream to do a multi-cam with a different kind of context. I’d want someone in there who could draw people in. Kathy Bates was the only person I envisioned in that role. We called and she was interested, then Chuck and I stopped and said let’s build the show around Kathy.”

The party space was decorated with tables offering smoking paraphernalia, “Disjointed”-branded lighters, and munchies including Twinkies, Rice Krispie Treats, Funyuns, marshmallow creme, and brownies.

Season one of “Disjointed” is now streaming on Netflix.