One year ago, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States after one of the the most divisive campaigns in recent memory. Even before he secured the presidency, it was well known that Trump’s social media platform of choice is Twitter — and now we have numbers about his prolific tweeting in the year since the election.

International social media analytics firm Talkwalker broke down some of the President’s social media habits and activity in the one year since the election, sharing data about the timing of the tweets, their engagement, and more.

Culling from tweets in the time period of November 2016-April 2017, Trump’s tweets were 67% text-based. This number generally remains the same in the May 2017-November 2017 period, but POTUS did experiment with video, sending 232 video-based tweets — over two times the amount of the previous year, trumping picture and link tweets.

Are users tired of hearing Trump’s daily thoughts via social media? Maybe a little — there was a mild lull in engagement in the months that followed the inauguration — but events like the #TakeAKnee debate resulted spikes in engagement. The amount of likes to tweets on his account peaked at almost 21 million at the very beginning of his presidency in January and hit a low in April (since it’s still early in November, we’ll have to wait and see what the engagement levels look like for this month). Retweets generally mirror the same trend. However, July, at about five million, had the highest amount of retweets.

And it’s not just the U.S. — citizens around the world are keeping up with Trump’s tweets. The graphic below illustrates how one of his tweets about losing access to his account spread across the world.

On average, Trump tweets six times per day and gets 98,000 likes and retweets per post. So when is the best time to catch his musings fresh from his fingers? Trump seems to prefer the morning and is most active from 6-9 a.m. ET. Monday at 7 a.m. is the hottest period of his Twitter activity.

Some other key data points:

— Among Trump’s most-used hashtags are #MAGA, #FakeNews, #USA, and #AmericaFirst.

— The people he mentioned most are Barack Obama (54 times), Hillary Clinton (53 times), and James Comey (26 times). It’s a safe bet that most of those tweets weren’t favorable.

— The most controversial tweet? The one where he shared a video of himself pummeling someone with the CNN logo edited over the victim’s face.