Far more than anyone else in country music, Trisha Yearwood has spent the last decade transforming herself from a mere recording or touring artist into a successful heartland lifestyle guru, via cookbooks, multiple product lines and an Emmy-winning Food Network Show that’s into its 10th season.

Now Yearwood has joined up with 7UP for a summer promotion that will find her face and food ideas on soft-drink packs for months to come. “We love being able to bring Trisha Yearwood and 7UP together,” says Kevin Brandvoid, the soda’s director of marketing. “We have the same mission, which is giving folks the resources and know-how to get together and enjoy good food and drinks.”

Yearwood’s mission, as a celebrity Southern recipe queen, is to emphasize 7UP’s superior fizzy mix-in qualities.

“I use it probably more in recipes than I do drinking it by itself,” the singer tells Variety, pointing toward a series of recipes she developed with her in-house chef that will accompany her visage on the product. “It’s basically summer things like glazes that you make for skewers that you’re going to put on the grill, or how you add 7-UP to different kinds of drink mixes.”
While other recipes include 7UP BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders and 7UP Cherry Cake with Sour Cream Frosting,

Yearwood concedes that her favorite of the 7UP box-side recipes “is a cocktail,” she says. “One summer in Oklahoma my friend Mandy and I were making a drink out of what we had in the kitchen, which was some kind of fruit punch and coconut rum and pineapple juice, with a splash of something fizzy in the top. So that’s my summer jam, popping that 7UP and putting it in the top of that drink. That’s a little more of a fruity drink — one of those that will sneak up on you if you’re not careful.”

And while Yearwood’s been savvy about marketing her name, she emphasizes that “I wouldn’t want to put my name on something that I didn’t use. I’m by nature very controlling, and have been from the beginning of my music career, and I [am still that way] in everything.”