Pete Tong is bringing his union of orchestral music and iconic dance tracks to the stage in Los Angeles.

The influential British DJ will present a night of “Ibiza Classics” at the Hollywood Bowl on Nov. 9. He’ll be joined by the Heritage Orchestra and conductor Jules Buckley, along with special guest performers.

In England, the Tong-curated program sold out arena shows throughout the country while an official album released to commemorate the event reach No. 1 on the U.K. charts.

The Ibiza Classics series began a couple of years back with BBC late night event Ibiza Prom, where Tong first collaborated  with the Heritage Orchestra and its artistic director Chris Wheeler. The resulting show, which melded two seemingly disparate genres “resonated with people in a magical way,” says Tong, who also co-founded William Morris Endeavor’s electronic-music division, in announcing the first U.S. show.