UPDATED: Just after midnight ET on Monday, Tidal announced that “4:44”  is Jay Z’s next album and will be available exclusively on the service June 30.

Jay Z seemingly has never met a holiday he didn’t want to disrupt. He resigned as president of Def Jam at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve in 2007. He holds an annual music festival in Philadelphia on Labor Day weekend. He released his last album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” on the 4th of July in 2013. And now, as the world seeks official word that his twins were indeed born last week, even Fathers’ Day takes a hit.

Late Sunday (June 18), he released the latest in a string of trailers for whatever this forthcoming project called “4:44” might be. As you may recall, this all began two weeks ago with a series of billboards in New York and Los Angeles, then came a trailer, then more posters on Friday, and now another clip. This one appeared on Tidal with the song title above it — and (gasp!) it lists Jay Z’s name with the hyphen that he officially removed in 2013, while the clip renders his name “Jay:Z.”

In it, we see more noir-ish footage (maybe it’s the same footage?) of Mahershala Ali hitting a punching bag while a trainer, portrayed by Danny Glover, holds it. A jazzy instrumental track plays while Jay reels off four lines, apparently with a tenuous Father’s Day connection.

“Letter to my dad that I never wrote/
Speeches I prepared that I never spoke/
Words on a paper that I never read/
Prose is never pen, they stayed in my head.”

Due to the branding on the trailers, we know that whatever “4:44” is will appear on Tidal as part of its partnership with Sprint, which saw the company investing some $200 million to purchase 33 percent of the struggling streaming service earlier this year.

But is it a film? An album? A visual album? And what is “Adnis” anyway? Adonis with a letter missing? Some numerology something-or-other described here? Apparently all will be revealed on June 30th…